#GamersUnited: 100+ Followers Already! Thank You Steemit + Hosting 50/50 Raffle!

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Gamers United has ALREADY smashed the 100 follower mark - and we want to host a 50/50 raffle to celebrate further growth!

Absolutely incredible! In just a few short weeks we've come from just a simple idea to an actual community with loads of support from a variety of Steemians - especially the OG gamers.


Steemians sure know how to come together for a common purpose...

We've also reached 90 Discord members (minus our 3 lovely Skynet bots, remaining ever vigilant over their keep).

Discord members.PNG

Thank you so much for the support so far! We are truly grateful.

Moving on to the 2nd part of this post. Today, we announce our first 50/50 - the rules are simple.

We’ve decided that in the interest of growing the group faster and building up a “slush fund”, we are going to hold monthly 50/50 raffles/contests.

-1SBD donated = 1 raffle entry
-If you donate 5SBD, you receive 1 extra entry (so 6 entries for 5SBD)
-Maximum of 20SBD per person (meaning they’d receive 24 entries)
-Also, we will be giving the first 5 people to donate/enter the raffle 1 extra entry for FREE, regardless of the amount they donate

This is a great way to build up funds and purchase delegation for higher voting power, as well as to save up for “rainy days” (i.e. we had a great month curating and feel like giving away a game or two, or a member is in need of emergency funds for a legitimate reason, etc).

All SBD must be sent to the group account @GamersUnited - in the memo simply put "50/50 Raffle Entry".

Your name will then be added to a list that will be updated daily on this post, along with the number of entries you have!

In order to ensure a completely fair and transparent drawing, we’d be using a random name generator and doing a live stream of the drawing, the day that this post pays out.

We will ALSO give a 2nd random winner 10 SBD out of our 50% group cut IF we hit at least 150SBD raised (meaning if we raised 150, 75SBD would go to the winner, 10SBD would go to the 2nd name generated, and 65SBD would go in the group bank).

We hope many of our members participate - it only benefits us all in the long run!

Good luck everyone, and keep gamin' on!


Current Participants:

  1. @ddrfr33k - 1SBD (2 entries, 1/5 first entrants) - 5/4/18
  2. @xak - 1SBD (2 entries, 2/5 first entrants) - 5/4/18
  3. @volderhein - 1SBD (2 entries, 3/5 first entrants) - 5/4/18
  4. @getslothyy - 1SBD (2 entries, 4/5 first entrants) - 5/4/18
  5. @gamersclassified - 5SBD (7 entries - 5+1+1, 5/5 first entrants) - 5/4/18
  6. @vectorabbot - 1SBD (1 entry) - 5/4/18
  7. @TheMarkyMark - 2SBD (2 + 2 Entries - Double Bonus Offer) - 10/4/18
  8. @GetSlothyy - 2SBD (2+ 2 Entries - Double Bonus Offer) - 10/4/18
  9. @Xak - 2SBD (2+ 2 Entries - Double Bonus Offer) - 10/4/18
  10. @seveaux - 2.5SBD (2+2 entries - Double Bonus Offer) - 10/4/18
  11. @floede - 6SBD (6 + 6 entries - Double Bonus Offer) - 10/4/18


And a very generous donation from @fracasgrimm of .75 SBD for the group slush fund (not a part of the pot, but used towards group growth!) - THANK you BRO!

@GamersUnited is a brand new SteemIt curation group for everything gaming! Whether you're a game dev, streamer, artist that loves gaming, game reviewer, or have any other form of gaming addiction - we want you!

Use #GamersUnited in your posts for a chance to be featured in our daily digest/curation posts!

Discord: https://discord.gg/tyQQ9a2

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There is my little contribution :D , greetings


Thanks a ton, @xak - you receive 2 entries (1 freebie) for being one of the first 5 to enter! Best wishes and good luck!!


Thank you :D

Glad part to become part of the team ;) I'll be sharing my fan art with you guys. And maybe I get back to gaming if I become financially stable jaja :) thank you


Thank you to you, too! Looking forward to seeing your fan art!

So excited about our crazy growth in such a short time - I'll be participating in the raffle as well as soon as my next post pays out!

I put in $1SBD. Good luck to everyone!


Woohooo - thanks @ddrfr33k! You rock - that's 2 entries for you right off the bat, since you were one of the first 5! Congrats and good luck :)

Amazing idea, am in

I will look into a few entries on Sunday when I got some STEEM to convert into SBD.

Good luck guys. I've donated to the cause!

Entered the raffle right now as well. Looks like there's 1 spot left for the extra free entry! Let's keep this train going :)

I'm loving how this group is growing so fast! I'll be posting some game related stuff in the next days so I can finally apply for that curation of the day reward lmao. I think i'll enter the raffle too!


We are so glad to have you here, bud! It's been great chatting and getting to know you.

You should enter if you have some to spare - we have 1 extra free entry left for the next 3 entrants!


Done! I already sent the SBD! And it's been great to form part of this ever growing community and getting to know everyone in there!


Already added you to the list hehe, thanks for joining! The more that join, the juicier it gets for all participants!

Where are you going to buy that sp delegation? Just asking because I know that it is sold for very high price in many places.


Open to ideas, although we are discussing just powering up instead - just trying to figure out the best course of action for the group long term!


Ah okay, I just thought for some reason that you are settled with renting steem-power. You see a short time ago I did some calculations and came to conclusion that if you make ten posts everyday and upvote them with 100% you barely make back what you paid if you are lending 9 times the amount of steem you paid for 90 days. Simply put, lending is not worth it atleast from any big seller.

I have so far figured out about one good business opportunity though. You see if you are qualified for smartsteem upvotes (not the bid-bot), you can get minium of 180% upvotes from it. Now if I were to lend that money for 10% intrest for a week, you could make a profit.


Great point there - I'm still getting the gist of things on Steemit, so I wasn't 100% sure on how much you'd have to utilize your voting power/how effectively (curation timing, etc) as well as the dollar cost average you paid per SP per day/month - while also trying to calculate and measure in (while difficult to even do) the daily swings in Steem/SBD pricing/etc.

Smartsteem is an excellent option it seems - I've signed my account up and referred a few people already, and have a small interview lined up with the lead dev (as soon as I get my lazy ass to do it). I've also applied to be "whitelisted" which can then put you upwards of 210% returns. So far it seems to be a great option for utilizing all of your votes daily in an effective way, even whilst paying out their 15% fee - since you still keep all your curation rewards, too.

Will be interesting to see how much could be made daily/weekly/monthly from using Smartsteem once I hit dolphin or higher. Could actually be a decent sum!

Thanks for an excellent comment and addition to this post!

What a nice post.. I hope it fsvours us all.

Here is my comment to be promoted on discord :D I hope this community grows even more! :D

Let's make that happening!