The Game of The Game of Thrones (part 2)... **SPOILERS**

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This is part two of my thoughts on the Game of Thrones, for part one click --> here, and for part three click -->here

Oh, and if you haven't figured this out already...


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The whole final season felt like one let down after another. Don't get me wrong, there were some really great moments. The first two episodes had some great character reunions that the actors did a good job of selling, but the episodes themselves were both 60 mins of uneventful set pieces for episode 3, The Long Night.

GoT has done uneventful set up episodes before, but that was back when they were making 10-13 episodes per season! Also, they never did two episodes like that back-to-back! When you consider that fans waited two years and were told that the last season was only 6 episodes long.. I think many viewers were expecting each episode to be action packed and riveting. But, no.. In the first third of the final season, nothing of note happened...

That's OK, it was acceptable because we were sure to be rewarded with a 90min action-packed, non-stop battle against the Night King and his undead army in episode 3... unlike anything we've seen on TV before..right.. right?

But this is where it became apparent that things were going horribly wrong. Yes, The action was good, but characters were not acting in a way that fit with their development throughout the run of the show... without rhyme or reason Ayra became a coward, Tyrion became an idiot, Jon became a robot, and Dany became a tyrant. No risks were taken, no MAJOR characters were killed (poor Theon)... and.. Oh, the Night King.. who was he? and what did he want and why? guess we'll never know.. that was just brushed aside. At least Arya got some lime-light..


After episode 4 finished, I got a sickening feeling in my stomach.. this was really happening.. the story was coming apart at the seams and there were only two episodes left to patch it up. By this time I had lost faith that the showrunners knew what they were doing. Deja Vu... another great TV series is going to have a wildly disappointing ending... this was worse than I had imagined it could be.. the decent was ungainly and drastic...

This is part two of my thoughts on the Game of Thrones, for part one click --> here, and for part three click -->here

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