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RE: Camera Shake, Suntory Whisky, Fried Chicken

in #gamedev3 years ago

There seems to be a slight delay between the punch and the KD. Could be just this computer as I'm on a iMac and so shit graphics card :P

I used to drink suntory a lot when I was in Japan. At first I was a bit snobbish and thought it wouldn't be as good as Scotch so I avoided it. However out one night with friends I ended up sharing a bottle (as you do) and thought it was far better than most of the blended scotches,

You and your fried chicken :)


yes you saw it very closely! i didn't fine-tune any of the death animations yet. normally i would trim the first part so that things would seem more immediate. i'll do it later :)

it's like what my mom always says. no more fried chicken!

Fine tuning is always the tricky part. Does your your mom give you hell because of your fondness for fried chicken too? :)

more than hell. and not just for fried chicken.. 😐

My sympathies. I looked at my phone about half an hour ago and there were 5 voicemails from my mom. I'll listen to them tomorrow :P

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