Camera Shake, Suntory Whisky, Fried Chicken

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Is your gaming development inspired by Fried Chicken and Suntory Whisky? I’m not sure but I probably wouldn’t be able to develop anything but a few snores !

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haha yes! sometimes i code after a few drinks. i dunno maybe it does help a little 🐻🍺

위스키네요 첨에 하이볼 인줄 알았어요 ㅋㅋㅋ
몇번 먹어봤는데 하이볼이 괜찮더라구요

앙 나름 하이볼맞아요 흐흐
귀찮아서 얼음이랑 레몬이 없을뿐 ^ㅅ^

Suntory Whisky and fried chicken sound like a pretty good combo to me 😄

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usually i would have chicken and beer, but i had whisky lying around so might as well drink it!

It was just lying there...somebody put it there 😄

lol i still have several bottles lying around 😆

That also sounds like a pretty good combo to me 😄

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the usual awesome combo! :)

I don't usually comment on your food, but that whisky looks, wicked! 🤤 I imagine that I'm with that whisky and a plate of deep fried pork belly. Omg.

Oh yes! The shaky cam is one of must have!

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haha yes the whisky was nice. cheap but good for its price i'd say.

gotta have the right camera works! 😁

Coming along nicely mate😀

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thanks mate! 🐻

기승전 위스키 치킨 쉐킷~ㅋㅋ
수고 많으셨어용~♥♬♬♬

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ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 요즘은 소주나 맥주말고 위스키를 자주먹고 있어요.
비싼거 아니어도 괜찮은거같에요 ㅋㅋㅋ


맥주 오르고
소주 오르고

다 오르고 ㅋㅋ

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이와중에 물가상승률이 0%라고 발표나오고 있군요.. ㅎㅎ;;

what can i say? only a like it all!!!! especial the food!! :)))))

haha thank you 😌
i enjoyed the food too. maybe a little too much..

have a nice weekend!

술도 이국적으로 드시네요.ㅎㅎ
저도 지금 한잔하고 있는데 건배~~~

그냥집에 남아있던거 먹는거에요 ㅎㅎㅎ ^ㅅ^

The video is very interesting to watch ... there are green and red lights ... and someone's fight with monsters is good too ... about food ... fried chicken must be very tasty ... then Whiskey? Is that harmless to your body, friend ... I think Whiskey is liquor ...

lol it's very harmful.. but what can i say. we're self-destructive creatures :)
i'll have less in the future 😁

Wow, it looks like you are spending a lot of food and drinks, lol 😂
to focus on making animated fighting tricks that you make.

haha yes.. usually i don't spend too much money on food. but recently i've been kinda going crazy

😂 lol..
but need to balance friends, to maintain an ideal body weight. 😅

Good evening @roundbeargames Wow Cheat day again 😊😊😊 Have a nice day! 🍻

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cheat day everyday!
i've been failing.. and failing.. 😥

amazingly, thin people can defeat big-bodied enemies with just one hit, good job👍

Fried chicken makes me hungry🤤😋

yes my own pic is making me hungry too 😆

Wow, such a powerful uppercut punch 😲 This indie game going to be a superb one, @roundbeargames bro 👍

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thank you i hope so! 😆

@roundbeargames de verdad que es muy parecido amigo aunque uno es un gancho y el otro un recto pero cumple su función de derribar a su rival y poder avanzar mucho más fácil. Saludos espero hayas disfrutado de esa buena comida y bebida que viene muy bien luego de una extensa jornada de trabajo

greetings amigo. i hope you're doing well.
and as always i'll continue to work on my project.. :)

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Oh man. The fried chicken..

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yes.. what can i say.. 🐻👍

즐거은 주말 되세요.
내일은 치킨 먹고파요. ㅎㅎㅎ


ㅎㅎ 결국 화요일 오늘 또 시켜먹음요..
의지가 점점 약해지는..;;;

전 아까 비빔면 끓여 먹었어요. 야식의 유혹이란... ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ

What a great cheat for today but yes your body needs alcohol but not so much is the best. Have a nice day ahead!

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Omg. Just a punch, and there is already some falling down

well.. punches are meant to knock people down :)

@roundbeargames, That's deadly punch by this Robot. And it's reflecting as you are trying different combinations when it comes to foodie stuff. Enjoy. 👍

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haha yes but most of my foods are about the same 😆
i hope you had a great tuesday and as always, blessings!

Enjoy your favourite food and thank you so much brother.

Hello @roundbeargames
your coding is developing beautifully. Nice moves my friend.
Beautiful gif. i think this is the party time.
Nice post my friend...

thank you :)
it's always nice to drink and relax

There seems to be a slight delay between the punch and the KD. Could be just this computer as I'm on a iMac and so shit graphics card :P

I used to drink suntory a lot when I was in Japan. At first I was a bit snobbish and thought it wouldn't be as good as Scotch so I avoided it. However out one night with friends I ended up sharing a bottle (as you do) and thought it was far better than most of the blended scotches,

You and your fried chicken :)

yes you saw it very closely! i didn't fine-tune any of the death animations yet. normally i would trim the first part so that things would seem more immediate. i'll do it later :)

it's like what my mom always says. no more fried chicken!

Fine tuning is always the tricky part. Does your your mom give you hell because of your fondness for fried chicken too? :)

more than hell. and not just for fried chicken.. 😐

My sympathies. I looked at my phone about half an hour ago and there were 5 voicemails from my mom. I'll listen to them tomorrow :P

Great advance! and I think you said goodbye to the healthy diet 😂

i think we've parted a loooong time ago.. shit.. 🐻

It's great movement of your project @roundbeargames

Interesting and yummy 😋 fried chicken

Happy your nice weekend

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thank you i still have a loooong way to go 😆
but i hope you enjoyed your weekend too

as usual its a bouncer over my head .. i dont understand this much .. bt nice to see you work on your project .. best wishes for your game..

well i'm sure you understand fried chickens 😁
best wishes to you too!

Fried chicken and whiskey are really two interesting collaborations 😀😂

Nice Punch style. Do you eat less and drink more? So we saw many drinks bottles. :-)

haha no i eat more and drink more 🐻

Nada mas relajante despues de un arduo trabajo un baño y disfrutar ese suculento pollo acompañado de un exquisito whisky y cerveza tambien,se acepta todo,jajaja saludos @roundbeargames,feliz dia.

ah yes it's always nice to drink after work :)
i hope you're doing well

Wow..the food is a little but with lots of drinks😄

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haha the food was a lot too. enough for 2 people 😆

I still like fried chicken, because the nutrition is good

haha i'm not sure about the nutrition part but i love them too! 😄

Buenos días amigo @roundbeargames deseo que se encuentre bien y que haya disfrutado ese Whisky Suntory y el pollo frito . Que tenga un feliz inicio de semana amigo y lo invito a visitar mis post amigo.

greetings amigo!
i'll definitely go visit :)
i hope you had a great tuesday!

Si gracias amigo. Igual un buen feliz martes 🍺🍹.

I don't know what Wisky suntory is, whether it's alcoholic beverages

well it's just alcohol :)
quite nice

Fried chicken is my favorite, I like it since I was little

haha yes. it's one of my favorites too. along with sushi and beef :)

Your video gif looks interesting, is it a game that has advantages

thank you. i'm not sure what you mean by advantages.
but i'm just making stuff up as i go :)

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