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If you thought that I stopped development, then you were mistaken! ;) I understand that this is a marathon. Despite the workload, I am learning to enjoy the process. I like the development of games and I continue to move forward.


I finalized the interface and laid the foundation for the further development of the interface.
The interface elements will be separate scenes that I can reuse! Now, each of my buttons, this is one scene that can switch to another scene.


I understood the key points in creating the parallax background. I tried it in practice and created a simple implementation.

I continue to work on collecting forest references and plan to improve parallax background by adding trees and shrubs.


I also continued to work on the character. I had to decide on the reference proportions of the character before creating animations.


At each stage, I get new practical experience and I hope not to lose it. I continue to hold on to invisible strings in all directions!

Useful links:
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Wow you surprised me. Good job! Although I don't know how to do anything in 3D, I'm very interested in learning. Cheers

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wow, that's great !! How much patience does it take for such a job? congratulations on your curie vote

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Wow it looks as great as you edited the image, the idea of tlf while editing is great !!

Greetings from Venezuela