Is it chicken?

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Ohhh out of my scope😉

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Keep On Going ! 💙
꾸준히 쭈우우우우우우~욱~ 나아가다보면
모든 진행 모두 이루어지리라 보아요~!
반복되고 지치더라도 더욱 더 힘내요~!

항상 함께 응원합니당~💙
행복한 💙 오늘 보내셔용~^^

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넵 천리길도 한걸음부터~ 🙂 🍻
오늘도 힘내시고 즐건 새벽되시길!

항상 감사합니다~💙

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Keep going, keep going!! Glad to see some natural food there. Gonna make u feel muxh better :)

Peace yo!

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yes i literally feel better and shit better 👍

I like the combination of work and food together

well gotta work for food! :)

How nice you cook meat without frying it. It is very healthy.

yes it's called an airfryer but it's not exactly frying :)

Well done bro, you're getting back to healthy diet again 😅

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let's hope it lasts 😵

To cope with indie development it is important to eat right! Well done! :)

well gotta eat right for everything! 😀

Hallo @roundbeargames, how are you doing? Not usually you post on the current hour. In Indonesia it's already midnight. Luckily I haven't slept yet so I can get your post. I see your video. It seems that you are setting the video . About food it looks like you are on a healthy diet now. Good luck, friend. .Enjoy your day.

i'm doing good thanks. yes usually i post a bit earlier but i was busy this week.
thank you for coming tho.
let's hope i can continue to not have too much sugar 😧


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Much love to you from all of us at @helpie!
Keep up the great work!


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Soundd like some progressive shit going on with you. Keep at it!

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thank you i will keep going! 😀

is it meat ... it looks like raw meat 😂🤣

Yes thats before i cooked it. After i was too busy eating :)

Local food and natural food are the best. Less sugar is the most important

yes sugar and refined carbs are so damaging.
local korean food is close to 100% garbage tho. nothing but manmade chemicals from labs and factories 😂

Your voice record is very clear. What is the name of your microphone? :-)
Is it beef?

Mic is blue yeti. Yes its beef :)

Same as me. I have promise myself o eat better food this month henceforth to get healthy more

yes but sugar is just too tempting and i'm already way too addicted 🤣

Yea. That is also understanding

Buenas tardes amigo @roundbeargames deseo que este bien amigo. Se ve bien la carne amigo .

thanks amigo. be well :)

Enjoy yourself with the meal.. So yummy

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it was alright. have a good day

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I just saw the food ... it was spread in the basin or something😄

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i'm not sure what you mean but have a good day!

😄you are confused,have a good day too

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Holy… look at the fat tissue on the meat 🤤🤤🤤 this is going to be good, with steam rice 🤤🤤🤤

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lol yea
no rice for me tho 😋

저희 집에도 에어 프라이어가 들어온 후 신세계를 맛보고 있어요. 다 좋은데 내부 천장을 어떻게 닦을지가 고민이네요.

네 편하더라고여 ㅎㅎ
청소는 빡씬데 기름튀는거보단 쫌 난듯해요 ㅎㅎ

주말이니 이제 슬슬 에어프라이어 내부 청소를 해야 합니다. ㅎㅎㅎ

Looks yummy 😍 Have a nice day! @roundbeargames

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thanks you too! 😎 👍

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sometimes boredom can be overcome by enjoying delicious food or favorite food

keep the spirit of work 💪😊

ah yes but good food can overcome a lot of things 😀

Buenas amigo ,bueno esa carne parece para mi cochino o una parecida,es demasiada sabrosa y asi cruda provoca comer,ejspero haya disfrutado un mundo,que bueno,feliz dia y agradecida siempre por su apoyo

@petrarodriguez big thanks for always coming
i wish i could support you more but my resources are very limited.
but let's hope that would change soon :)

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I really can't follow you on the game development anymore. I can see your characters progressing and detailed tutorials and my conclusion:

It's hard work - you deserve the steak in the pan.

lol i feel like most people can't 😂
but i'll just keep going. gotta finish the project

i know you like cooking. that's really good my friend..
i do not have this art.. haha

well it's not exactly cooking 😂
put it in, a turn the dial, and eat!

In all the work there is a part that is boring and that we do not like to do 😂.

Ah yes :)
I guess discipline is the word 👍

Wow, well done. Good chef :)

Lol im not a chef but thanks :)

@roundbeargames, Eat healthy and be healthy. Enjoy your foodie time and destroy the boredom. Stay blessed brother.

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Thanks brother. Im also going outside a little more often 😎
Have a blessed day!

Welcome and hope that outdoor activities will not allow boredom to enter.

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No pork, no fork no to hard fork!
Have a nice shit and blessed day Sir @roundbeargames

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Lol i like pork. But i am skeptical about anything stinc does :)

That's good Sir

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Looks like some tasty beef you have going on there, you have to feed the creative mind of course. I have had eaten so much beef, pork and rice with beans in Brazil - I won’t need to eat for a week when I get home!

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Lol sounds like fun! Enjoy your time over there! 😎👍

Simple food for the win👍

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yes simple work and simple food 😂


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