Pathfinding, the boring part | 잼없지만 필수

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Great work brother, continue with the task and also keep having fun..💪💓🙏

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thank you. have fun and steem on 😔

Your golden axe is fine, but I got attracted when I saw the little green bottle neck and followed by a bowl of firery red noodle, and suddenly it reminds me the final evening I was in Busan and I'm running low of won in my pocket.


I got myself a bowl of yellow packaging from the GS mart, thought it would be alright 🤣 and got an instant regret should have taken something with the wording I can understand.


But the Gwangandaegyo bridge view and unique Korean Instant coffee really sooth things out and make it memorable.

Added: Later I came back to Kuala Lumpur, found the similar brand of instant noodle, the packaging goes by

  1. Pink = Mild spicy
  2. Red = Spicy
  3. Yellow = Split fire

dude this reminds me of ramen noodles and soju i used to have a lot back in college.
i dont enjoy instant noodles too much anymore because i've gotten used to ordering slightly more expensive and better food 😅
but i like spicy noodles in general. we'll have one together eventually. maybe after steem moons 🍺

I think making games is definitely very difficult and you can do it very well.
I like noodles too. Its very delicious.



thanks for coming.
yes video games are hard to make.
but i enjoy it :)

Wow, I used to play DOTA and this post made me think back those days. #cheatday #beer #life

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i thought about playing that but never got started 😶
i guess i'm more into making games

Nice! I tried spicy noodle for the first time tht day, mmmm.... it's okay I guess, but would not eat it often...

your picture is not showing.
i can't have spicy stuff everyday either. just sometimes 😋

I guess the photo too big, nvm, it's just a plate of spicy noodle...

O mad spicy noodles and looks like the programming is coming along nicely 😀

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thanks! those noodles were sooooo spicy but for some reason i couldn't stop eating 😨

i am very ill attack by fever. i am in bed tow days. i will watch your video after few days.

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my friend i hope you get well soon.


흐흐 캄사합니다
언젠간 완성될껍니다 😎

늘 수고 많으셔용~💙
모두 이루어 나아가시길 함께 응원합니당~!

매콤한 면과 톡쏘는 맥주~ 캬~아아아아~앙~ㅋ

행복한 💙 오늘 보내셔용~^^

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앞으로 탄수화물은 줄이려고여 ㅎㅎ 너무 살쪘음..

아무튼 항상 감사합니다 ^ㅅ^
성공하는 그날까지 🐻 👍

The more cool the game is, I can't open youtube because the signal is very bad, so just look at the picture and look really cool, and the noodles look very spicy ... but why eat noodles by drinking beer?🤔😄

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ok that's unfortunate. but a big thanks for always coming back :)
i like noodles and beer. what can i say 😋

Hello @roundbeargames, how are u doing? I saw the video that you were writing code to pioneer the way in the game but I did not understand it. But you don't display games that are ready to watch today, you just post the picture. Regarding instant noodles is my favorite food. Especially that tastes spicy extraordinary. But I am not good at eating noodles with chopsticks. Enjoy your Tuesday too, my friend.



i'm doing well thanks. i'm not sure what you're talking about because i'm always posting videos.

noodles are great but i just started cutting out carbs again 🤣
this should be the last one. at least for awhile.
have a good day!

양꼬치엔 칭따오인데... 배달로 먹을 수 있는 양고기가 없는게 아쉽네요.

ㅎㅎ 그렇네요. 근데 어짜피 양꼬치는 그자리에서 구워먹어야 제맛이죠 🐻

the game is becoming increasingly interesting, and the Korean spicy noodles I want to try 😀😂

thank you. visit korea and you can have lots and lots of spicy shit 😎

Guess this must be consuming a lot of your time

hmm.. i'm actually spending more time just thinking 😵
but yea overall it takes time 🐻

maybe it is boring but amazing!!!
miam miam i am starving!!!!! i like your foodddddddddddddddd

thank you. let's hope i can finish it soon :)
i loved that dish too 😋

Great combination. Glad to see your videos are doing well and your game too.

numbers are getting better everyday. tho not as fast as i'd like but it's a progress :)

I really like spicy foods like noodles, but I don't like alcoholic beverages.

well i love both 😎 👍 🍺
thanks for coming!

yes, sir. success is always for you and hope you get a big vote

Looks very relaxing, but very focused with new things while enjoying beer and cup noodles

yes gotta enjoy the little things every now and then :)
have a good day!

Yes that's right, have a nice day too

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Wow, TsingDao beer is my favorite beer too, high 5 @roundbeargames bro 😁

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haha it's one of my favorites 🐻 🍺 👍

Smart choice 😂

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Noodles look good

it was great 🐻 👍

Most of the essential parts of game dev tend to be the most tedious & boring parts lol

"I don't want to implement enemy AI, and option menus... I WANNA MAKE GOOFY ATTACK ANIMATIONS!" 👈 me literally all the time x^D

Have fun with your mad spicy noodles! lol :^) 🍜

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lol i'll start working on some more attack animations soon 😆
gotta get the boring part out of the way

Is that samyang? That is too hot, l can't afford to swallow a hot noodles. I rather drink a liquor. Have a great and blessed day!

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haha no. i'm surprised you know samyang. this is much much better tho 😁

People here loved every thing is hot even noodles and found SAMYANG displayed in Filipino food store, when I bought it they loved it except me.Too hot like burning my tongue down to my intestine. I promised not to eat it again even if someone give me 1m steem. Jejejeje

lol 1,000,000 steem? i would do it 😨

I can't accept it if you force me to eat Samyang! jejejeje

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Buenos días amigo @roundbeargames deseo que se encuentre bien , el menú está muy bien acompañado con la cerveza amigo. Feliz día amigo.

thanks amigo. i hope you're well. have a good day 👋

sometimes we are always at the point of feeling bored, even though food can be an encouragement for us to move.

Your instant noodles look very spicy, enjoy your day @roundbeargames

looks like people are mistaking that for instant noodles 🤣
it's delivered but not instant at all. but oh well. it's very nice 🍺

hello @roundbeargames
with another amazing update about the game.
yes you are right always in any work boring part is important. haha
amazing work my friend. thanks for share with us..

thank you :)
yes sometimes the essentials can be boring 😅

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The most boring part is always the essential, so put your effort 😁.

yes gotta keep working! :)

@roundbeargames, In your post i got a life message and that is, the main aspects of life can be seen as boring but without those aspects life process becomes Incomplete. Stay blessed brother.

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i guess some things are just boring and requires discipline :)
blessings brother

That's true. In my opinion in these kind of phases and tasks we just need to change our Perspective.

Spicy noodles is good mood!

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yes i like spicy noodles

Gran trabajo amigo,el exito le espera,y que delicia ese menu y sus respectivos acompañantes que nunca le falten,sobre todo la espumosa jajajaja muy refrescante,saludos

saludos! let's hope success awaits both of us 😁
have a good day

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