무수히 많은 질문들의 답은...
오늘 지금 당장 한 걸음 한 걸음 디디어 나아가기~!

개발자로서의 길~!

항상 행복한 💙 오늘 보내셔용~^^
2020 쥐뿔(?) 스팀 ♨ 힘차게 가즈앙~♩♬

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오르고 또 오르면 못오를리 없건만! 흐흐흐

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I was going to ask that question, but now decided to stfu 😅

😂 well i can say it this way. anyone can be a game developer as long as you're willing to work!

btw i'm really worried about this chinese death flu

So am I. The problem is not on the flu itself, if not this flu, it will be other flu. The people are the problem, being ignorant and kill their family and friends. They know its deadly, they suspect they themselves are infected, they choose to wait up and hide it from others until they collapse. By the time it was diagnosed, many have been infected !tip

would you believe it if i told you that the south korean president is helping the infected travel the world? using taxpayers money? literally handing them out cash? nothing makes sense.

Well, there's just too many conspiracies and the people are being ignorant enough to think they're alright to stay home. I haven't heard of how SK president helping the infectant to travel the world, but that's sounds seriously deep shit 😗

he sent a plane to china but i heard roads are blocked so they can't get there anyways. but for any countries that blocked traffic to/from china it's pointless. unless you block sk too they're all going through (and already have). 100,000+ people have left china and after seoul, going around the world taking guided tours. this is only counting those who visited sk. the president is openly helping them travel more by literally giving them cash + living expenses. we're already seeing news that people who never visited china or wuhan are getting sick too (a japanese bus driver who never came in contact).

and then i'm seeing whistle blowers from within the sk government that shows theyre actively hiding the total number of koreans that are infected.

here's 2 and theyre not reported anywhere (god knows how many more in seoul). 30 year old businessman and 62 year old lady. the man's been to wuhan for business but nothing is mentioned about the lady visiting china or having any contact. it's likely that a considerable number of koreans are infected and are going around the world (mostly for business). and in korean companies most people are not allowed to take sickleaves.

the real question now is how many more hundreds are gonna die. and let's hope i'm wrong.

This shit is getting serious 😥 thanks for letting me know

yea it's kinda scary.


heres farmers taking matters into their own hands. physically trying to stop the government from spreading the virus.

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Couldn't agree more!

thanks. gotta keep working!

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