항상 행복한 💙 오늘 보내셔용~^^

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엔젤님 캄사합니다 ^ㅅ^

즐토~ 줄주말~♨♨♨

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This is something I have always found attractive about you, how open you are and willing to share about your process so that another game dev can take a few pointers along the way. In older times, oral tradition was paramount and so, the human brain has a natural ability to do what you’re doing which is to keep the ideas organized within your mind. The only downside is that if you take a long break, it might be hard to start again!

yo so good to see you again here! especially today i think people tend to underestimate their own brains! (i used to rely on digital notes too, just not anymore)
it's so much easier to keep everything organized in your head so there's no need to manage a separate copy. and last year i started having fun sharing my process and trying to be as open and honest as possible. it's still hard since i'm trained not to do it pretty much my entire life.
but anyways all this is extremely fun for me so i'm inclined not to take too many breaks lol
thanks for coming and have a wonderful weekend!

I'm honest... I didn't even read a thing but....

Spontaneous association... :D

Lol quite spontaneous indeed 😂

I liked the talk pretty much and I can totally relate to this approach. :D I have no plans at all either!

yes i think it works for indie games :) flow with the go