덕분에 오늘 중요한걸 알게되었습니다 ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
줄거운 하루 되세요^^*

네 스팀이 흥하고 모두가 부자되길바랍니다 ^0^
월욜 잘보내세요~

저는 학생 시절에 판타지 RPG를 만들어보고 픈 마음은 있었지만, 스케일이 너무 커서 포기했던 때가 있었네요. 스토리, 그래픽, 프로그래밍까지 혼자 다 커버하는 게 사실상 불가능해서... ㅠㅠ

이제는 꿈을 이루어 나아가셔요~!

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흐흐 네 rpg계열은 혼자하기엔 너무 빡쌔서..
시간과 돈이 많다면 얘기가달라지지만..
거의 불가능한게 맞을듯하네요 ㅎㅎ

Diablo 2 was phenomenal! Keep doing what you do in gamedev, and I hope one day you claim success and fulfillment in this field. Keep practicing and don't be discouraged, I am a fan of your work coz you can throw me those apps you use and a super computer and I would still struggle to make a circle. LOL

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oh yes. i wasn't very good but i nearly ruined my life playing d2 lol
thanks for being a fan!
let's hope this thing would be a success by the time it's done :)

All you need for some success is higher steem price. I bought back then when steem was 4$, and if it would hit that again you would be earning 40$ from this post + the over $ sbd price. So just keep consistently doing what you are doing.

Good morning my friend... Excellent but I don't see food in this post :)

good morning!
i'll do it in the next post haha
i thought about doing it here but i got lazy 🐻

Hello @roundbeargames, how are u doing? Wow ... your game is interesting too to watch. I saw someone jumping up and down. Make my heart happy. But today you did not post food. Food is my favorite part. Usually you immediately eat when finished making games. Are you on a strict diet so stay away from food post, man? Have a nice day, my friend.

haha thank you it's just a jump but i'm glad you like it.
i thought about adding a dish here but i just got too lazy. i'll do that in the next post 😆

i'm not on any diet right now unfortunately.
have a nice weekend!

much interesting .. i am watch this and ita difficul to make this ..

nice to see this man..
you are working very hard ..

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yes it can be quite difficult. but very enjoyable 🐻
i just gotta keep going.

thanks for being here my friend.

결코 작지않은 소소함이 사소함이 아닌
꿈을 향해 나아가는 한땀 한땀 한걸음 한걸음
멋진 삶~!

모든 이루려 하는 일들 이루어져랏~!
함께 응원합니당~!

왠만해서 리스팀 안하지만
@roundbeargames 포스팅은 리스팀 할수밖에 없드앙~! ㅋ

행복한 ♥ 오늘 보내셔용~^^

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오.. 감사합니다 ^0^
하나씩 하다보면 되리라 믿습니다 ㅋㅋ
우리 모두 고래가 되는 그날까지 흐흐

Saludos y feliz Domingo @streetstyle de verdad que el trabajo duro nos da satisfacciones aunque sean pequeñas pero saber que a otras personas les gusta nos hace querer esforzarnos cada dia más y más. Lo mejor de todo es que lees cada uno de los comentarios y tratas de agregarles las habilidades que les gustan

thank you @franciscana23!
yes i believe by listening, you can improve :)

probably something horrible is going to happen :D

diablo 2 was a lot of fun. i played it a lot as a multiplayer with a friend. They know how to make an addictive game.

lol yes. not anymore tho. i believe the franchise is practically dead now.

i have a feeling blizzard is gonna be worse than ea.

i am not sure what they even did with the next one. they want (and did) move everything online and to MMRPG (or mmfps or whatever) and i kinda never got into it.

haha i don't think anybody got into it!
but who cares what they do. it's over.

와 직접 만드신거에요 퀄리티가 장난 아닌데요!!

화려한짤은 디아블로. 노랭이 심플한거만 제가 한거에요 ㅎㅎ 그것도 엔진쓰고 코딩만.. ^^;;;

Glad you have fun with the recreation work😀

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yes it's fun :)
can't do it otherwise

And I am already becoming interested making my own game now

it takes time and effort, but if you're interested it's definitely worth a try :)

let's just say it's just small entertainment

yes gotta enjoy the little things :)

Incredible development ... Always success ........🤲🤲🤲

thank you :)
let's hope we both be successful

of course it's really cool, so even if only a small thing can still be able to smile

yes it's always the little things that makes me smile :)

Wow....very cool😱

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Wow, Diablo 2!!! It recalls back many of the memory during my teenager period, @roundbeargames

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certainly one of the greatest! :)

Never forget about your dream for this game. Keep work hard, and play hard 💪💪💪

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yes thank you. gotta keep going! :)

Buenos días amigo @roundbeargames deseando que se encuentre bien amigo , que bueno que cada día avance más en su proyecto y que nunca le falte la cerveza🍺en la Meza y su buen plato de comida 🍽😁. Que tenga un exelente domingo.

i probably shouldn't have so much beer but what can i say 🐻
thanks for coming and enjoy your sunday!

A mí no me gusta el alcohol pero cuando tengo mucha sé solo metimos 1 cerveza para refrescarme amigo. Que la pase bien hoy y gracias por visitar mis post .

it is unthinkable that even small things can give one happiness in our lives

you are right, you should never ignore small things

interesting too, if small paths can invite happiness

Buen dia querido amigo,cuando nos dedicamos de lleno en lograr algo,la satisfaccion es grande asi el logro sea poco,espero llegue el exito total,lo merece porque se ha sacrificado para lograr,siga tomando su cerveza,lastima que aqui no se puede,esta super caras las pequeñitas jajajaj que quedar de la grande,y deguste sus exquisitos platos,deseo todo lo mejor a usted y que pase un Domingo placentero,saludos @ roundbeargames

thank you. yes dedication is good. i've tried not to drink too much this week. gotta lose some weight :)
i'll continue to work on my project and see what happens.
have a nice wednesday my friend

A job that requires patience and perseverance. You have already done it friend 😊👍👍

haha yes. but all jobs require patience and perseverance! 😆

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@roundbeargames, Every progress is Achievement and it's your efforts and consistency. Keep up with this brother and i am sure that you will going to achieve more growth. Stay blessed.

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thank you brother.
it's all efforts and consistency. and trial and error :)
we'll see what happens in the end!

Welcome brother. My good wishes are with you. Stay blessed.

make your indie game seen a lot of progress, good job @roundbeargames 👌👍

see the enemy attacking with
using a big axe made me feel scared and I seemed to be there so I had to run as far as possible or hide 😅

thank you. i'll have the axe back soon :)
i still have a long way to go but let's hope i'll finish it!

Your's should have some rainbow colour coming out on each smashed!

lol rainbows?! ok i might try it but i'm not too sure haha

I thought people would like colourful visual, no? hahaha

쾅 쾅 쾅
ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 중독있네요 계속 쳐다보고 있었습니다 ㅋ

흐흐 그쵸. 블리자드가 그래도 겜은 잘만들었었는데..
조만간 ea처럼 되거나 망할듯요

게임개발 하시나보군요!

넹 ㅎㅎ 집에서 혼자 소소하게 하고 있습니다.
놀려와주셔서 캄사합니다~

You are so good in this field. Keep it up and have a nice day.! The joy in a little things is a joy to forever. It means contentment, right? @roundbeargames

haha well i'm not doing too well yet but i hope to be bigger soon.
i find joy in little things like comments/votes/followers :)
have a nice weekend!

That's the way it is, and I know you did th best attitude among other Steemians, you tubers or even in Twitter. You are noted of being a good heart and generous person we met here. Promise, you are not the same with other people around. Keep it up online and with your family, you could reach your all desires. Have a nice day, @roundbeargames

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Oh! I want to see that recreation, I'm anxious.

haha don't get too hyped :)
mine's just a dull unity version

it sounds like a plan!

haha yes. gotta keep going!

내가 네 일을 볼 수 있다고 말하면 돼.
열심히 일하는 것이 성공의 열쇠입니다. 계속 작업하십시오. 우리는 당신의 게임에 대해 동요하지 않습니다. 고마워.

lol just use your own language man. this is bad translation.

The game is and will be classic.

yes. the game that almost ruined my life as a 고3 :)
and countless others!

Hello @roundbeargames
Actually starting is always very tough. but you made it easy.
Hammer of the Ancients is awesome. can i use it? haha

lol yes?
my project is literally open to everyone :)

you are indeed a true gamer capable of making many games

that's the magic of life, that happiness can also arise from small things too

yes little things like comments and support :)

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