Something Dungeons: Fireball, New UI, Better Controls

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Play: (Sound required!)


Woohooo! Finally! I wanted to have fireballs in my game so desperately and now they are here! :D


Particle emitters of course. I'm not yet 100% happy with the mechanic but yet again a first, completed iteration.

Once you've found the spell you can use your mana and the right mouse button to cast a fireball. Hold the button down for a moment to increase its size and damage. Release mouse button over an enemy and it will bounce off enemies and hit another one... and another one, if fully charged, dealing 15, 10 and then 5 damage, currently.

There is no narrative for the fireball and you can not yet level it up. Both systems will probably change a lot in the coming days and I don't want to put effort into the current implementations.

New UI

Not much to say about it. This...

turned into this:



Looks so much better, doesn't it? Still nothing unique though ( but certainly a step forward. The arrangement of things might change but this will be the new look and feel.

Better Controls

Ok, to be honest... it's still shitty. At least if you are playing with mouse. I'd still recommend using the keyboard. BUT I improved the path finding precision and the auto-attack when clicking on enemies. It is now a bit less likely to accidentally run into enemies and some other bugs where fixed too.

It also kind of works on mobile now, which made me decide that mobile support will be worked on. Currently tapping around and killing enemies is basically all you can do but... well, that's actually a big part of the game so... and for the other issues I will find solutions, pretty sure.

Other Changes

  • more initial mana (5 instead of 3)
  • health and mana orbs are now more likely. (drop chance: 1/8 instead of 1/15)
  • new song form Kai Engel (Crying Earth) added, currently for menu screen
  • made spiders move more "spiderish"
  • added "look around" idle animation
  • added an app icon

Aaand a lot more. I made 70+ commits in the past 14 days. Most of them are minor stuff, little tweaks and code cleanups here and there.

Next Steps

I feel like I am really close to my goal. Not only starting to work on a game but actually finish and publishing a game. Of course this depends on your definition of "finished" but for me it is simply a point where I am... happy enough with the result.

The next steps to reach the "1.0" milestone include:

  • at least one asynchronous multiplayer element
  • improve/finish story/narrator/sound/subtitles
  • balancing
  • resolve performance issues
  • mobile support
  • fix known bugs


Give me Feedback!

I'd love to hear opinions and discuss ideas. I just set up a discord server so get in contact with me there if you like.

I also post regular snippets on Twitter:



Nice job I tried it a little bit but will dive in for more tomorrow.

Thanks! Let me know what you think once you saw a bit more. Shouldn't take longer than 20 minutes to see all the (currently implemented) elements of the game. Once you hear the outtakes you are through. ;)

really diggin it, the only gripe I have is that with stronger enemies not having to much tools to control the spacing beetwen you and the foes given that with the normal attack you charge towards.Keep up with your first work it's looks and plays really good!

Really appreciate your feedback! Thank you again!
Did you get the shield? It does exactly this. Pushing away enemies.

Or wait.... I currently have a bug in the code that makes the shield not do that. I don't know if I maybe uploaded that to the version but next update is coming soon anyway.

Yeah I got it! that was really nice but is temporary, I told you that because I have been really easily killed by spiders twice in a row maybe I just need to get good :D

I think I will increasing initial health and give enemies attack animations so they don't deal damage immediately when touched but after a short attack build-up animation. Also the shield will make damage around it. This all together should make the experience better but I don't know when I will implement these things.