Gaamit #4 - Updates

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Hi Everyone!

We proudly announce that the core features of Gaamit are almost completed, and we're about to sign our first beta testers in :)

Integration with Steemit blockchain has been accomplished with steemjs, even if the documentation still needs work. Perhaps we'll help improving it as Gaamit development moves on.

For those who are interested in following the development, we moved the code on our company repo here (frontend) and here (backend).

If you want to join the beta just reply here :)

Thank you for reading and don't forget to follow and upvote!

Made by two Italian guys with 💖


Can't wait to see it! The screenshots look nice so far, but of course are just showing the standard Steemit type features. I'm excited to see the tools and interfaces specific to the crowdfunding application. Keep up the great work!

I want to join the beta:)

This seems like a very interesting project. I'm drawing comics myself and will be interested in hearing future to try my hand at creating video games. I do get the feeling of giving away content online without reward. That's even more true for comics since they are not interactive. I wonder how Gaamit's gonna work out. I can't wait to see more. Best of luck in this exciting adventure. I wish you all the best!

good news!
and i want to join ;)

info please

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