100% STEEM to Winner! Guess how many Mega Bloks game! Steemit "S" toy blocks

in game •  2 years ago

How Many Mega Bloks did @runridefly use to make giant Steemit S?

Pays 100% of Steem to Winner! That's Right....All The Steem.

game also pays .05 steem if you resteem this post. The More the Merrier

Rules are simple

  • first person to guess the exact number of blocks receives 100% of the STEEM that is paid out for this post.
  • If no Steem is generated, I will payout .50 from my wallet.
  • one guess per person.
  • winner will be announced after this post pays out, then I will send the winner the Steem.
  • Resteem this post and type "resteem" with your guess and you will receive .05 Steem
  • if no winner, I will divvy up the STEEM to all who participated in the game.

How many Mega Bloks did I use to build the giant S??

example of Mega Bloks used to build steemit S

Be sure to follow @runridefly and have a Steemit Good Time

Thank you for playing

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Thank you for all the guessing. No winner, but you all get a piece of 100% of the steem. Steem On Dudes!



@nin0000, thank you for playing

128 resteem (and tweeted) :)




@simonjay, thank you for playing.


@tee-em, thank you for playing.

98, what time of day do you want a REsteem ? EST time I will try and REsteem at that time 4 you...


@crok, in a few hours i guess. Awesome help.


Will Resteem ~ 2100 EST 4 U ; keep the Stm : )


this is a free public service announcement post . . . (above)



@karenmckersie, thank you for playing.



@almerri, thank you for guessing.


@rxhector, thank you for guessing.

147 resteemed


@goldmatters, thank you for playing



@forever-gala, thank you for guessing.

138 resteem (and followed!)


@bigb, just happened to be looking right when you followed and posted. Thank you.


@pavelmenme, thank you for playing

132 reblogged


@squirrel, thank youfor playing. Steem On!

Am I still on time? :) 124 and resteemed


Good until the end. @klaartje, thank you for playing.


@ace108, thank you for playing.


You'll welcome. continuing to support. :-)