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As a result of being overshadowed when it was launched six years ago, Brink is now completely free to play Steam - no interaction of microtransactions. Bittersweet considers its warm commercial reception, but we must celebrate the fact that a unique round of first-person multiplayer traditional shooters is now available for everyone to enjoy.

Being in a floating town called the Ark that ran out of resources, Brink set up a refugee team, "Resistance", against security officials who were held responsible for those living in poverty. The result is a fun, if flawed, experience that blends the single player's goals in harmony with the heated multiplayer rifle.


From Splash Damage developer and publisher Bethesda Softworks, you may have turned your nose towards Brink when launched early in 2011, but now it's free, you'll definitely get your money.


Brink is an immersive first person shooter that incorporates single player, co-op and multiplayer gameplay into one unlimited experience, allowing you to develop your own character either playing alone, with your friends, or others online. You decide the role of combat you want to assume in the Brink world as you fight to save yourself and the last sanctuary of mankind. Brink offers an exciting blend of dynamic battlefields, extensive customization options, and innovative control systems that will keep you going again.


Brink happened in Ark, a man-made floating city on the brink of an all-out civil war. Originally built as an experimental, self-contained and 100% "green" habitat, the rapid increase reported in the oceans on Earth has forced the Ark to be home to not only the original founders and their descendants but also for thousands of refugees. With the tension between the two growing groups, the Security and Resistance forces locked in a fierce battle to control the Ark. Which side would you choose?


Not Just Another Hero - sophisticated player customization Brink offers an almost endless combination of character appearances - allowing your character to be unique. As you progress in the game and gain more experience, you will have more opportunities for customization.
Two Sides for Each Story - Choose to fight through a single player campaign as a Resistance or Security member and then bring your same character online to play cooperatively or compete with other players.
Blur the Line - Bring your unique character online every time you choose! Brink lets you do it.


OS: XP (SP3) / Vista / Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4GHz or equivalent
Memory: 2GB RAM
Hard Drive: 8GB free space
Graphics: NVIDIA 8800GS / ATI Radeon HD 2900 Pro or equivalent

OS: XP (SP3) / Vista / Windows 7
Processor: Intel Quad Core i5
Memory: 3GB RAM
Hard Drive: 8GB free space
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 / ATI Radeon ™ HD 5850


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