Best 7 game pc 2018

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pc games with the best graphics of 2018 that will be a new beginning for gamers


2018 | Enter a world of "casual workers" who wear mechanical suits that protect the last humanitarian fort in the world, and collect some plunder when you do so. In common with Destiny on the side, Anthem is focused on multiplayer promising opportunities to float through the sky (and underwater) on rocket boots, fight giant monsters, and compete with dangerous weather effects such as "shaving storms


2018 | Trial 101
This strange action-RPG fosters the ancient Wushu martial arts, gun-fu, and many anthropomorphic animals to descend, all in the name of protecting a vast mystical land. Craft weapons and the ability to embed your Character with psychic mutations or robotic limbs promise to let you solve your problems
in your own unique way.

Warriors Dynasty 9

February 2018 | Koei Tecmo
Lili jungle and dozens of enemy fighters for a thousand hit combo in the latest Three Kingdoms planters in the long-running Koei Tecmo series. The series moves from different battles to the open world that will offer a different approach to seize the enemy fortress. Do not worry, you can still hit thousands of dudes.

Death Stranding

TBA | Kojima Productions
Hideo Kojima and strange paramilitary nonsense like peanut butter and jelly. The first two game trailers show us naked Norman Reedus, Guillermo Del Toro holding a fetus inside the jar, and Mads Mikkelsen patrolling the gutter with skeleton-faced soldiers. The latest trailer, below, is a row of dreadful dreams filled with towering monsters and a happy baby. How will it be played? Kojima has revealed little, except to say that this is an open world action game with interesting death mechanics.

Crackdown 3

2018 | Reagent Games, Sumo Digital, Cloudgine
Hulk leaps across the futuristic neon metropolis and watch your supercop fantasy by systematically lowering the network of crime bosses and kingpins. The competitive multiplayer mode enables the destruction of skyscrapers through some cloud computing magic, but you have to adjust to more controllable actions in single-player / offline campaigns.

Vein Code

2018 | Bandai Namco
"Anime Dark Souls" is the Code Vein's pigeonhole. You fight big devils with even bigger swords in an interconnected and interconnected world. There is also a vampire tone, and the game invites you to "give into full blood thirst and risk becoming one of the lost and evil ghosts who have no human remains." Yes please.

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