Transporter III Blueprints sent + new Giveaway

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The giveaway is finished and all blueprints have been sent. All 116 settlers of the last giveaway, which had commented and resteemed, have just received their blueprints. You'll find your Transporter III blueprint in your items now.

Here you get to your items...

Anyone who has received a blueprint today can receive a second one. If you missed this giveaway, you will again have the chance to receive a blueprint.

We'll start a second giveaway:

Would you like to earn a Transporter III blueprint?

Just resteem this post.

As simple as that.

All blueprints will be distributed after the payout of this post. This promotion ends in 7 days.

Stay tuned.


resteemed now!

Hallo @oliverschmid,

eine Frage. Ich habe soeben über den Account @captain.kirk zwei Überweisungen für 10 und 5 Blueprints für Corvette Petunia abgeschickt. Das hat so immer funktioniert. Diesmal wohl nicht. Danach habe ich ganz normal über den Shop einen Blueprint gekauft, das hat funktioniert. Habe ich etwas falsch gemacht?


Hallo prinzvalium,
Vermutlich ist das irgendwas, was mit Rundung zu tun hat. Ich refunde dir den Steem gleich.

Ist erledigt, war sogar noch eine weitere Transaktion

Vielen Dank! Geht das jetzt also nicht mehr?

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I just resteemed. Thanks for giveaway.

Not ready for exploring but for more trasnporters - resteemed

Oh wie schön, daß ich es diesmal nicht übersehen habe. :)

Habs auch nicht mitbekommen XD

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Ich denke, dass ich den Transporter wohl mitnehmen sollte ;)

Gentleman!!@nextcolony, I RESTEEMED this post.

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Resteemed! Really excited for the blueprint. Cant wait

Please sir, can I have some moooore..?

I missed the first one but well in time for the second one.

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such a beauty

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I'm happy to upvote and resteem this for @nextcolony :D

Do you know, how much I love the T3 BP @nextcolony ? :D

Upvoted and resteemed lol

Yes please. Resteemed

resteemit done

Hello, How can i earn from @nextcolony.

Resteem complete

How awesome, I missed the first event. Thank you for giving us another opportunity.

Yes, resteemed!

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thank you for this event~


Resteemed, hope that I`m not too late!

Resteemed! Would be cool, if i get a Blueprint!

Awwww I missed the first giveway, so yes please I'd like one this time. (resteemed)

I was sad that I missed the first giveaway, but luckily there's a second chance... I just resteemed, and I'm looking forward for the blueprints! Many thanks!

that's great your post. I appreciate it.. best of luck

ok just reestemed let's get another one :)

Resteemed :)
Hope I get one ;)

I am a fan and approaching 200 explorations - sure there will be somewhere a planet for me soon :-)?

I missed the first one but well in time for the second one. I just resteemed. Thanks for giveaway.

Can I get a second one? I thought that they were like skills (i.e. account based) but I realized that they are merged with the planet you use it on.

"Can I get a second one?"


"...but I realized that they are merged with the planet you use it on."


I really need to give this game a shot. Guess this giveaway is the perfect chance!

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Yeaaahhhhhh!!!! 🎉🎊🍾

Hell yeah! Awesome transport ships! :)

me also i missed the first giveway but i resteemed now

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Upvoted and resteemed

Cool!! I just resteemed the post.

Woah, that's very awesome @nextcolony :D

Showing my support here by upvoted and resteemed!

@nextcolony is indeed generous :D

PS: Upvoted and resteemed~


Thanks for the 2nd one - it seems that I forgot to resteem the 1st one.

Gentleman! This is to inform that you missed me from this giveaway.

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You did not have a NextColony account registered with the @saun account at the time the blueprints were distributed. No account, no blueprint. Meanwhile this account @saun has been created (on 3.8.2019). But we'll make an exception, we just sent you a blueprint.

Love the game, keep up the great work!

I came, I saw, I upvoted, I resteemed XD

Oh man da hab ich doch beim etsten mal wohl den Resteem vergessen. Ich hoffe das es diesmal klappt. 😁

ok !! resteem !!

Good thing should be shared with other as many as possible :)

Upvoted + resteemed!


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Never new about the giveaway, just resteemed though :)

My best pick-up line:

Hey lady. Let's go back to my place, fire up Nextcolony, and transport my resources to Uranus.

Ois dann, den ersten verpasst, ein zweites Mal passiert mir das nicht.

I missed the first giveaway,so I don't want to miss second one.So,I resteemed now.

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Upvoted and resteemed!

Another chance! Resteemed :-)

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done :)

You should of mounted some guns on that bad boy.

Thanks for giving us a second chance.

I resteemed you post right now :-)

Seems I'm one of those who live under the rock:-))) never heard of your first giveaway.
You have my vote and resteem

Cool a free transporter, always usefuk... thanks, keep improving this amazing game.

I was going to get all excited about my super exclusive Quackporter III Blueprint.... but now...

Would you like to earn a Transporter III blueprint?
Just resteem this post.

I guess it's not really that special anymore...kinda weird how you lower the requirements in the second round of the giveaway... ah well... free stuff... I won't complain. Dang, I already did, didn't I?



This is so cool! (:

heh... I made sure to resteem again... because I definitely need more of these in my life!

Yes resteemed now

Upvoted and resteemed.

Done. ;)

Well well well, this would be something, getting a Transporter III !?

Schöne Aktion Team NC

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I did not recieved the gift.

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You forgot the resteem. Some forgot the resteem. That's why we decided to do a second giveaway.

I thought I did resteem, probably transaction did not come through. oh well... but I have another chance :)

me too. I even did a "creative" reply on the last. well, f*ck it. Resteemed this one.
So my "creative transactional analysis charts" I commented about will have to calculate also how fucking up the first round will affect the game theoretical possibilities for those who now have to wait another week :p


Resteem complete~!!

Done. I forgot doing that in the last post. I hope I am more lucky in this one.

Hello there ! Could you make a FAQ, I try to make my first explorer and I understood I need shipyard 12 and skills 14 for explorer right ?

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We'll put this info right next to each ship. This update will be published in the next hours.

Bildschirmfoto 2019-07-24 um 16.41.54.png

Great initiative ! Thank you 🙏

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Thank you for being part of this journey!

We just uploaded the update.

Thanks guys, this is really generous of you! Keep up the good work!

Very nice of you to do another giveaway :)

Done :)

I have faith in slow and steady development. I play the game almost everyday and I trust you guys to deliver a great game. When the masses come I'll be a big deal in the game with my ships ready. Resteemed.

I would love to earn such a blueprint - I am currently able at least to send three explorers around - but am in a tricky area of the galaxy with one of the most dangerous neighbours of the blckchain :-)

Resteeming of course to qualify.

Thanks I forget to resteem in previous giveaway.

Wow! thanks! Resteemed.

I have just recived transporter III blueprint.
Thank you ver much for your support @nextcolony

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Woow, that blueprint looks awesome. Waiting for mine to arrive next week

Would love to see some sort of capture the flag game for battles. Feels more fun than attacking my neighbors.

Then you will like the reward/wonders module.

I asked the baby Jesus for one. I hope he gives me an early gift.

I could not think of anything creative so I didn't join the previous giveaway, but I will be able to be part of this one!

Thank you

Please don't forget to use tags such as battle and steemace. So you will earn additional tokens for this post.


Good idea, we'll do that from now on.

Dieses Giveaway finde ich einfach nur Spitze :)

I have got a blue print from the previous give away but I am a bit greedy. I also want a second one. Thanks very much.

I was sad that I lost the blueprint of the first giveaway, then I keep reading and now I am happy! Thank you. That blueprint is awesome. I need to keep working hard on those mines.

congratulations for your post.. thanks


I also missed the first giveaway. Thanks for doing another one ! :)

Resteemed. Good giveaway

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resteemit done

Here's the Delta-clan coming now...

Upvoted and resteemed :D

I also missed the first giveway but now i re-steem it 😃

@nextcolony thanks for the second chance. It has been amazing so far. Though i missed it😪😭. I'm definitely not gonna miss anyone next time

My girlfriend only let me play this game under the assumption that I am successful. Now comes such a great transporter 3 and I get no blueprint, you know what awaits me at home? I'm beaten by my girlfriend, there will be no tortelloni 7 weeks more, but the worst is yet to come, she wants to deny me sex if I do not get a transporter 3 blueprint.

Great news and about time. Explorer I is excruciatingly slow and boring to use (except when you find a planet)

Resteemed and upvoted. I still think this game is unfair. 220 explorations and counting... My transporter can wonder aimlessly in space

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yeeas I like one :) build up some Transport routes

this sounds like a good thing, waiting for my blueprint in 6 days :-)


I am going to need one of those shiny explorers as well in the future, cannot wait to take pictures of all the new planets I will find

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