Transporter II & III: faster, bigger and better

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NextColony Explorer III

Our engineers have been working hard to deliver improved versions of the Transporter. We are proud to present two new Transporters.

These are the new Transporters...

Transporter II
Speed (coordinate points per hour): 8
Storage capacity: 400

Transporter III
Speed (coordinate points per hour): 3
Storage capacity: 1200

The focus of the Transporter II (C-T02) is on speed. The Transporter II is the successor of the small and slow Transporter I. This Transporter has an enormous speed and is therefore particularly suitable for long distances or when a speedy delivery is needed. The Transporter II also features a larger loading capacity than the original Transporter I. The Transporter II blueprint is now available in the shop.

The focus of the Transporter III is on capacity. The Transporter III is the largest transporter and has an enormous loading capacity. Transporter III cannot be bought - but they can be earned.

Does this mean that the Transporter I is now useless? Not at all. Its focus is mainly on defense, which makes it much more resilient to attacks than the newer versions.

We have also adapted the transport mission. From now on you can use all ships in transport missions and thus send considerably larger amounts of resources.

Giveaway: Would you like to earn a Transporter III blueprint? Just write a creative comment below this post and resteem this post. All blueprints will be distributed after the payout of this post. This promotion ends in 7 days.

Stay tuned.


In my opinion, my planet formation assumes the constellation of the
unicorn constellation. And that deserves a Transporter III 🚀
Bildschirmfoto 2019-07-20 um 08.52.51.png

Attention, Attention:

Long did the human race research on a method to move resources around the galaxy in a faster way. In the height of the arms rush between the various planets and alliances, the galactic scientists published the highly anticipated plans for the Transporter II on the galactic market. With an incredible speed of 8 parsec, it immediately became the fastest ship in the galaxy. Production all around the galaxy is running hot, to increase the trading speed and serve the massive demand of the planets.

Rumors are going around that the galactic scientists have discovered some even larger transporter ship classes during their research. The word is about gigantic storage capacity for moderate speed. However, no information is known about how to get hands on these plans, other than the black market. It could be dangerous to deal there and is highly advised against from the galactic counsel.


Hi people, i have soo many and big players around me, so without this transporter 3 i have never a chance to help for the world wonder, because i am to fare from legendary planet. So it would be very smart if i could get one, thank you Deffs. otherwise i get LOST in space...

hmm.. creative... how can a economics centered gamer be creative? hmm.. I need this blue print.. so...
art work? lyrics?

hmm.. or better write some ideas of how this games could develop in the near future? this is probably better...
.. so here we are...
atm we have different small and bigger fractions, smaller and bigger singel players and some inactive players...
so first of all there should be an event like a big asteroid storm bombarding the whole system and who ever has not built a interplanetary anti asteroids defense system will loose the planet by a catastrophic asteroid impact... the planet will disperse in the universe or just the base is destroyed and it can be conquered by an explorer mission... and the inactive player taken out of the equation... if he or she comes back months later he/she can start from scratch again...

secondly looking a bit on eve.. it would make sense to be able to built huge space stations where fractions could set their center of defense, trade and storage... but those space stations should be pretty expensive to be built, have strong armor but are still not invincible..

jump gates: maybe it makes sense to have jump gates - naturally occurring ones and ones that can be built where you can jump from one side of the galaxy to the other in little time..

quests: there should be quests that can be performed by single players and other quests that can only performed by huge coalitions of players...
like a alien race threatening our universe with a new kind of space ship technology...

and finally there should be some technical development options be possible with the research center...

My girlfriend only let me play this game under the assumption that I am successful. Now comes such a great transporter 3 and I get no blueprint, you know what awaits me at home? I'm beaten by my girlfriend, there will be no tortelloni 7 weeks more, but the worst is yet to come, she wants to deny me sex if I do not get a transporter 3 blueprint.

Do you really want that, that I never have sex anymore?

post resteemed

Ok, so my idea was to show you how new Transporter III will look like in pure html code:

This is cool! (:

I also need a T3 blueprint, I promise that I will fix a bug in return!

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Thing is, you can also add a bug 😎😬

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I can’t wait to see brand-new ships!!
It makes me dizzy.:)

a creative comment

  • Very creative, much wow


Sorry for my silly joke lol
I'm happy to share this awesome giveaway news.
Every planet deserves at least a single chest since it boosts mine upgrades, imo. Hope it will bring devs good amount of coffee and doughnuts! ^^

Across the Universe - Nextcolony!
Cheers :)

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