Play 4 Fun ! Football Trivia

in #game3 years ago


Hello guys and girls,

We are living troubles days, life is not always easy, so I thought maybe it's the time to bring some fun !

Keep it cool thou!! I always want to propose a small engima based in football knowledge.

The goal is pretty simple, will you be able to find which player is hiding behind those definitions.

  • European Champions league winner
  • 1 won 2 leagues in 2 different countries
  • I played in 4 european countries
  • I m not european
  • I played with Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dimitar Berbatov and Divock Origi and many more

who am I ?

Please give your answer in the comment (upvote and resteem if you want to make this game trendy and allow me to offer prizes in a close future)


The answser is Fabihno

Sorry not sorry, but it's not Anderson ;-)

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