Clint! Burst Damage Cowboy - Mobile Legend Bang Bang - #4

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How are you today? Amazing right!
For today's theme, I will still discuss mobile legend, and the Hero I am going to discuss today is Clint the cowboy with excellent Burst Damage ability. For this hero build, there is little difference, not the same as the previous Marksman hero. Very rarely do I find Mobile Legends players using this Hero. Because they think this hero is useless, But if you have good control over this hero, then enemy heroes should be wary of Clint's threats.

Tips on using Clint

In the beginning of the game, make sure you take the path at Mid Lane, and try to keep on doing the farming, to speed up the Increase level and earnings of EXP and Gold to buy a variety of useful and deadly items. When entering the mid-game between 10 to 15 minutes, start doing Ganking with a Tank or Fighter in the left or right lane. Make sure you are in the back position to minimize your dying chances during the fight.

As a marksman, you must pay much attention to your position placement because this is very important for your . do not get in front of the row at the time of war. because you will be an easy target for your enemy. But in terms of use of this marksman, it would be much better if you could determine a position away from the enemy's threat, or be behind your tank or fighter.

The Ultimate Clint skill is quite special. Do not be afraid to keep issuing the skill, but can be stacked up to 5 times, the skill has a high enough damage. When you want to run in War, use skill 2 and point ahead. Skill 2 has an impulse effect to speed up your movement back to base. The usual Battle Spell Clint is Retribution. The spell is used to get more exp and gold when killing forest monsters.

My latest breakthrough in Mobile Legend:

Marksman Clint Ability

Quick Draw
After unleashing the skill within 4 seconds, the next base attack will penetrate the target along a straight line, giving 120% damage from the base attack. I recommend positioning you in the right place to do two or more hits for the target.

Blind Smoke
Shooting smoke bombs into the enemy area gives 160 pts of physical damage. The level of enemy attack in that area will decrease by 25% and slow the enemy's movement by 55%. When fighting one on one should use this ability first, so that the enemy loses attack and slow it then you attack. Or it could be to help your colleague in the escape if pressed by the enemy.

Heel Rope
Shooting a trap towards the enemy hero and causing 160 pts of physical damage to the hero of the first enemy hit and slowing it down. Meanwhile, Clint will step back for a certain distance.

Throw a grenade towards the target, causing 230 pts of physical damage when it hits and explodes, it can be charged up to 5 grenades.

Attribute Clint

Movement: 240
Physical Attack: 115
Armor: 20
Magic Resistance: 10
HP: 2530
Mana: 450
Attack Speed: 0.842
HP Regen: 36
Regen: 15

Build Items

-Swift Boots-
Swift Boots.jpeg
+15% Attack Speed.
Add +40 Movement Speed.
Swift Boots item for Clint is useful in addition to moving speed. One of the important effects of this item is additional attack speed. This item is a must have at the beginning of the game to help you escape because Clint will be opponent's target!

+25% Attack Speed.
+20 Movement Speed.
+20% Critical Change.
Windtalker becomes a mandatory item at the beginning of this game will provide a lot of advantages for Clint. Call it additional movement speed, attack speed, and critical chance of this item makes it damage big to its enemy.

-Endless Battle-
Endless Battle.jpeg
+65 Physical Attack.
+25 Magic Power.
+250 HP.
+300 Mana.
+5% Movement Speed.
+15% Lifesteal.
Additional Attack damage, HP, Mana, and lifesteal effects, making this third item mandatory for Clint Mobile Legends upon entering mid game! Lifesteal will become the foundation of this hero marksman eradicating the monsters in the jungle.

-Berserker's Fury-
Berserker's Fury.jpeg
+65 Physical Attack.
+25% Critical Chance.
This item will help Clint to be more critical and will be very dangerous because it will provide an additional 40 percent critical damage!

-Malefic Roar-
Malefic Roar.jpeg
+60 Physical Attack.
+40 Physical Penetration.
Ignore 20% Enemy Armor.

-Blade of Despair-
Blade of Despair.jpeg
+170 Physical Attack.
+10% Attack Speed.

So that's a little explanation of the Cowboy Clint, May be useful for those of you who want to buy or use Clint. See you next time!

Thank You & Best Regard @khalilmuza

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