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The development

As a solo games developer I have spent the last 2 years writing Sky Fight as i wanted to see how far i could push a browser based game and here is the result. I have made a massively multiplayer dog fighting game that opens in the browser with all the features found in full downloadable games.

The clients are pure JavaScript, with the servers built in c++, the game has servers in Europe and the USA giving a nice low ping time across the UK, Europe and the US. The games are always running on the servers and players can dip in and out of games. To maintain play-ability for games with limited real players during the early hours each of the planes have an AI mode when they are not controlled by the players.

Currently I have five servers in each location with each server running 320 games of 32 players giving the game the potential to be fully occupied with 102,400 concurrent players with the ability to add more servers as capacity is reached.

About the game

In Sky fight players control a fighter aeroplane and fly around the game zone trying to destroy other players’ planes. Each fighter is equipped with basic machine guns which can be temporarily upgraded by catching falling parachutes, there are also upgrades for manoeuvrability, shields, speed and our favourite Kamikaze.

The objective of the game is to shoot down as many planes as possible while increasing your score and rank. With each rank divided into for classes, at the rank of Flight Lieutenant and above, the players can take part in rank based games, where all the other players are of a similar rank to keep the game challenging.


Team based games


At Squadron Leader and above they can take part in team games where the games have 2 teams of 16 or 4 teams of 8 all real players. Like the ranked games resources are scarce forcing the players to fight an fight for available weapon upgrades.

Custom games

Once players reach the rank of Wing Commander or above they can join customised games. Customised games are a group of games that have been modified to create a variety of different playing styles.

Flak Attack

Flak attack games are exactly how they sound a set of games where there are more flak planes during the games making the dog fighting a game of skill allowing the experienced player to lead their opponent into flak to get them off their tail.

On your tail!

On your tail games are where the players can not upgrade their speed or turning circle as they are permanently equipped with a tighter turning circle making dog fights more cat and mouse game play.

Kamikaze Heaven

Kamikaze Heaven is what it says on the tin, where the only upgrade is the Kamikaze, which makes the game total mayhem because the objective is a game of destruction derby.

Life or Death!

In life or death the players can not revitalise their health or get a shield, speed or Kamikaze upgrades forcing the players in a fight for their lives.

Attack! Attack! Attack!

Here all the players are equipped with the rapid fire and long range guns and a tight turning circle, which means lots dog fighting with powerful weapons.

Fire at will

Just like the Attack game above the players are equipped with the rapid fire guns, however the games do not have cargo planes, forcing the players kill to get upgrades and health.


As the players play the standard games they will be awarded medals for completing some of the 49 achievements which are distributed throughout the game.



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