New Prize Amidakuji

in game •  9 months ago

Take a chance. Win some Steem.

Which line will you choose?

Here’s how to play:

  1. Choose a numbered line.
  2. Write the number of that line in the comments below.
  3. If the line you have chosen connects to the jackpot, you will win all, or a portion, of this post’s payout.

New Prize Amidakuji.jpg


This week there are two new prizes available, Resteem and Promotion Post.

If the line you have chosen connects to Resteem, I will upvote the latest post on your account and resteem it. If the line you have chosen connects to Promotion Post, I will contact you, ask you a few questions, and write a promotional post about you and your blog.


I would like to announce that I have found a home on the SteemitBC Discord channel where I will be posting links to all Amidakuji results, updates, and contests. If you want to keep up to date on when the next Amidakuji is ready to play and who the most recent winners are, please join me on SteemitBC’s Discord channel.

You can do so by clicking on this link: SteemitBC DIscord

Note: If there is only one winner, that winner will receive the entire payout of this post. If there is more than one winner, this post’s payout will be divided evenly amongst all of the winners. If there aren’t any winners, the jackpot will be carried over to the following Amidakuji, which will be posted in two weeks.

For more information on how an Amidakuji works, please refer to this post, Amidakuji.

If you’d like to see a bigger jackpot, don’t forget to increase the power of your vote. All of that voting power will be paid forward to one or more lucky Steemians, so feel free to vote full strength.

Best of luck!

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We are excited to have you and this cool contest over at SteemitBC Discord! We're looking forward to an awesome future.


I'm glad to hear it. I'm happy to have found a home with you all

i guess 14! thank you so much for doing this as always @boxcarblue its so generous of you to continue hosting such a rad contest.


I'm just glad to hear people enjoy participating. Thanks for the feedback! It means a lot.

What an awesome contest! Love it! I choose 7


Thanks for the enthusiasm! It's nice to get some feedback.

13 because I don't believe in bad numbers!

I am back ! No.15 this time !

Btw, the discord link has expired. I can't join, invite again please ?


Thanks for the heads up. Here's a new link:

Number 11 please

Sweet, number #3 lets go!

This was fun! #6, please.

#5 お願いします!

I will take #4 please.

This post has received a 3.13 % upvote from @drotto thanks to: @inoue.

6 for me, thank you! :)
And Congrats on joining the SteemitBC Discord channel!


Thanks! I think it will be a good fit.


I'm there! :D
I see you.... lol

I’m new to SteemitBC Discord. How do I find you?


You can go to the Amidakuji chat that is listed in the sidebar, or you can ping me there with the name boxcarblue.