August 29th Amidakuji

in game •  11 months ago

Take a chance. Win some Steem.

August 16 Amidakuji.jpg

Which line will you choose?

Here's how to play:

  1. Choose a numbered line.
  2. Write the number of that line in the comments below.
  3. If the line you have chosen connects to the jackpot, you will win all, or a portion, of this post's payout.

Note: If there is only one winner, that winner will receive the entire payout of this post. If there is more than one winner this post's payout will be divided evenly amongst all of the winners. If there aren't any winners, the jackpot will be carried over to the following Amidakuji, which will be posted in two weeks.

For more information on how an Amidakuji works, please refer to this post, Amidakuji.

If you'd like to see a bigger jackpot, don't forget to increase the power of your vote. All of that voting power will be paid forward to one or more lucky Steemians, so feel free to vote full power.

Best of Luck!

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Number 8 is my lucky number. Hope this is lucky for me for this game.

Hi @boxcarblue, how are you today... I'll choose 10 for today, thank you...!! :)

I'll take number 6! :)