August 29 Amidakuji Results

in game •  10 months ago

The Results Are In!

And here they are.

August 31 Amidakuji PDF.jpg

Once again, we were lucky to raise a sizeable jackpot and once again, this week’s jackpot all goes to one winner. Let’s all give a big CONGRATULATIONS to @bipolar who took home a prize of 14.94 Steem Dollars and 11.467 Steem Power. I hope you can find a good use for your prize.


To all of you big and small voters out there who are supporting this Amidakuji,, I can’t thank you enough.

Many, Many, Thanks!

And to all of you contestants, please don’t forget to join me again next week!

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Its a celebration time! Big big congratulations

I really like the graph here were some games that had that premise, some puzzle games, why can't we play some fun forum games, rather than just random spam numbers :D soooo yeah good one thanks for bringing it up :)

btw what is the pocket token? worth the resteem? :D


I would say, when someone is giving away free tokens, they are worth acquiring even if they have zero value, which these coins currently do. People seem to be interested in them, though, so who knows, maybe they will be valuable some day.

From my understanding, Pocket is an experiment to run an application on top of the Steem blockchain to see how information can be attached to a blockchain and stored for free. In addition, these coins are being talked about as a great way to tip people for their posts and comments.

what a good option ...thanks


What option is that?


OMG NO WAY!!! thank you so so so much for this INCREDIBLE opportunity. i can not believe i won! thank you for hosting these incredible opportunities @boxcarblue you are a godsend for our community!


Thanks for playing, and congratulations again! I'm just glad that you and others enjoy playing this Steem giveaway. Don't forget to try again next week.

Very cool. I had never heard of this before. I read the post about it and now understand how it works. Ill check back to see if you decide to run another one :)


I always do two a month, or one every two weeks. I've been doing them for a while now. Usually, I post them Tuesday afternoon, my time, which would be in the early morning for you, most likely. I'll try to send you a reminder next week when the new one is up.

Its amazing result..plz follow me also


I don't quite understand. The fact that there is one winner? Or just the picture of the results?

Wow! Congrats to @bipolar ! :) I think mine was 2x of the answer... lol. Many thanks for the fun and funds, @boxcarblue!! :))