The Phrase That Pays - Hint #002

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Good Morning Inquisitive Steemians,

The Mystery Phrase Hint #002 is...

The Green Goblin From Spider-Man (2002 film)

A Hint On The Hints

I'm not going to be obvious about these, think outside the box, and in combination with other clues!

$33 SBD

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The Phrase That Pays - Mention The Mystery Phrase ANYWHERE on Steemit & Win!


You do not have to comment within this post to win, you can mention the phrase anywhere on Steemit.

Vote for @blueorgy as Witness

  1. Go to the witness voting page on
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the vote box
  3. Input my name (blueorgy) and hit vote.
  4. Rejoice in self achievement!
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nice pos

With great power comes great responsibility


Aww poor Uncle Ben 😭

I am Groot! :D

Don't ever be ashamed of who you are.

Commencement: the end of one thing, the start of something new.

Just this two, do not want to abuse.


Don't worry about abuse lol I didn't get too upset about this attempt...

feel stronger and weaker at the same time


you sound terrible @ashwim I'd suggest seeing a doctor!



🙀 wolf noooo! Don't turn into a bot! 😂


I am trying to learn from you! I will be acting like a bot today! I am planning to comment over 500 times!

thanks for information @blueorgy

How do I do it @blueorgy ?


Now I'm just getting confused... was that a real question or a guess at the phrase lol

I eror time doing it

Oh, this looks like a lot of fun 🤔 someone must have guessed it by now. I'll have to be much faster on the next one!


No one has... This challenge is not meant to be easy.

@blueorgy ,thanks.for this options ✔

Follow the cold shiver running down your spine ?

To say what you won't, to do what you can't - to remove those in your way ?

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"You don't give people hope. You take it away." -GG

for some reason I think it's the juxtaposition of peter keeping two secrets who the Goblin is and who he is to protect the one's the loves . But then again I suck at mystery phrase's .

Wow, this really is a riddle!! Still have no idea ;)

Hello Blueorgy, how are you ?

Live each day as if it were the last, because one day it will be.

Willem Dafoe

In order to help each other in @steemian
Thanks for sharing..

Black sabath! :-)