The Survival game RUST just became ELECTRICAL - Join the game & become VICTORIOUS!

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Nudity-Warning: We are sponsoring The Birds RUST Server and YOU are invited to join!

The freshly upgraded RUST-Server is online 24/7 at: or

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 5.12.14 AM.png

How to connect?

  • In RUST click F1
  • type: client.connect

That is it!

Go, have fun, what are you waiting for?

Will there be prizes in the end?



Going to join later this day and will try to trap some of you guys! :D

Rust is a standout amongst other recreations! Or on the other hand it's something like one of my most loved ones

This server is a huge amount of fun! Anticipating see it advancing later on

I want to play this game. What do I have to do to play this game? @booster

Make a Steam account if you don't have one already and then buy a copy of Rust. Then you need to start the game, connect to the server and you are pretty much ready to start having fun :D
Feel free to ask in the Team Steemit group if you need any help. I will put the link below.

Rust is one of the best games ever! Or it's at least one of my favorite ones. :)

Wowww .. @Booster .. Sebly game Rust is very interesting and fun .. I will try to join according to the way you mentioned ..
I will share this game to my friend's friend to make the game more exciting together. Thank you lot for a very useful post for us as a fan of true games.
Best regards

Let's go..
We playing together boss..
Very Awesome

This server is a ton of fun! Looking forward to see it evolving in the future :)

I bought rust but never really got the chance to play it, will re install it and come for a play hopefully in 2 weeks when I'm done moving house :)

Cool, Have fun - Best of luck!

done, thank you

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I am on the same boat.

I want to play this game. This game is included in the steemit @booster

Hi @booster I sent 5 steem and got 0.47% upvote, so lost 90% ROI. Can you please fix up looks like your bot calculation was way off.
Here is the link

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Thanks this is that i looking for..
It's seem very interesting to play with my boy friend.. @booster ..thank to All..

This is The right choice for my Brother.. i am sure he will very interesting with this game @booster . Thank for this server too.
Resteemed to All my followers.

I am agree with all Steemians here .. this is one of The best survival game . I see from video ,, we will forget to dinner with this Game..hehe.
You all will see the proof when you palying this..
Thank you

I have another video for you!

Aqua is super

I'm gonna give it a go now keep up the good work 👍 @booster

Wahhh.. sorry .. i am late @booster . But although you late, there's not lose. Anyone who reads this post will be very lucky to be happy and enjoy the beautiful game of this Rust game. I've seen video this game , I dare to guarantee that you will be satisfied to enjoy this game. Thank you lot for a very nice and useful post from you @booster . Allow I share this post so everyone knows and enjoys this Rust game.

Warm Regards.

This is hilarious!! Can’t wait to try it.

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Incredible ... a very interesting game. I will invite my child to play this game. Thank you for inviting us ... have fun

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Omg ... I am very happy , many people give comments here, so ..many people are getting excited about this Game, because I have also shared this very important post information. Thank you very much @booster you
are sponsoring The Birds RUST Server that very Advantage for Us.

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That can happen - But of course It can also ROI much more than that. @Booster is completely auction based so if there is someone spending a lot in one window, he may take a very large per cent of the total vote. The same happens if there are too little users, So you can be maximum lucky or maximum unlucky - it all depends on the market as @Booster has no min/max ROI. We see users making super ROI every week, especially during Saturday's and Sundays when it is bedtime in North America.

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Hello @booster. I really like this game ... tonight I will install and join the server that you support. Thank you very much, the way you mentioned to connect with this server looks very easy ... it's very fun

I sent 4 steem yesterday and bot seems broken. You can keep it though :)

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5 Steem is like $1 in this market, so that was a very small bid, and your loss is only $0.06 - 6 Cents, not 90% like you claim.

Thank you very much for your invitation. I see many people who enjoy this game. This means that I am one of those who enjoy this party.
Have fun together

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The competition in this game is very interesting. I really like the action in this game. @booster thank for sharing.

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the website is not our website and we are aware of it showing wrong numbers on Booster (Vote Value $21 when it is really $59, etc) @TheDegenSloth is working on Boosters website that most likely will have correct data and maybe even track the other bots with correct data as well.

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hey hey, that is not true. You got an upvote.

Huuuhhhuuhuu.. very nice and awesome Game.. i think it's can make me Very fun along day..the easy way to connect with server..
Excellent @booster .

I play another survival game - csgo :P

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