Which Steem-Roller.com GUI Should Get Further Development?

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Getting back to the development grind here on Steem-Roller.com and was wondering which GUI folks prefered the look and functionality of. While I'd been working on the 2 GUIs side by side the increase in development work caused by this is a bit of the pain in the ass... So looking to the community to help decide whatthey prefer when it comes to future development of the site. Screencps of the 2 versions below.

The Older GUI:


The older GUI has been described to me as looking outdated and that people think it's akin to some shady looking darkweb page. This isn't exactly the look I was going for but this version is far more mobile friendly currently and has a neat way of selecting odds for rolls and has btter feedback in my opinion of the last dice roll.

This version is currently live @ Steem-Roller.com

The Newer GUI:


The newer version of the GUI seems to look a bit less dated, however has little to no mobile support at the moment and still has to be worked on a lot before it supports mobile devices.. I do likethe look of this one a bit more but it doesn't include the same level of feedback on rolls or the ability to select odds by slider like the original version.

This version is currently available @ Steem-Roller.com

Come Check Out Both Site GUIs and Comment Below!

Whichever is your favourite or what elements you like and dislike about them can be commented below.


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I like the first one

Thank you for the feedback!