RandomSBD: Win $500 Lottery - Only 2 SBD per Ticket! + Escrow

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Note: "RANDOM" with "M" not "RANDO"

Hello Steemit!

I'm Timothy Leary and I thought it'd be a good idea to give back to Steemit's community by organizing daily Lotteries.

To be fair to minnows, I have lowered the price to 2 SBD per entry only!

That's right, with 2 SBD you can win $500 (at current prices of ~$1.8 per SBD).

I understand I am new to the community.

So I have asked the well established, trusted and honest @someguy123 to escrow the funds.

How this works

There will be two rounds.  One for today one for tomorrow.

First 24 hours half of the fund  ~$250 SBD will be released.

I will tally the names of users that purchased tickets within 24 hours and randomly pick out a winner.

Second 24 hours the other half of the fund ~$250SBD will be released.

Same as above.

That's it.

How do I participate

Send 2SBD with memo "RandomSBD" to @bettingtipster (please ensure there are no spelling mistakes).

Each 2SBD represents 1 Ticket.

You may purchase an unlimited amount of tickets.

Important Point

If the total amount of SBD sent in total exceeds the prize pool, winners of the lottery will receive 10% bonus on their gains!

If this experiments works out well. I will be completely automating the process and will increase the prize pool substantially.

Good luck and Happy Gambling!


Verifying as escrow :)

Money has been sent!

just a bit confused about the escrow for this (and perhaps others are as well too). you sent 135.658 SBD of the first day's $250 to @someguy123, but then sent the rest back to your poloniex account. am I missing or misunderstanding something?

That's correct.

The aim was to have two rounds, $250 per round.

Unfortunately with only two participants. It seems the interest is low.

So I will stop at the first round...unless, interest picks up, in which case I will send the funds back to complete the second round.

But it's just not worth it if only two people are interested.

About 14 hours left and the winner will earn $250.

If interest picks up, I will add at least another $250 if not more.

well, in that case I may be interested to throw in my 2SBD as well, IF no one else joins in (the odds are certainly orders of magnitude better than the state lotteries)! Of course, sometimes like on ebay, you can get a bunch of bids come in right before the close. Oh wait, did I do that?! lol

If no one else joins in though, perhaps @emerge and @digit would like to make an agreement to split the proceeds three ways. Win win for all! :D

Truth be told, though, if it's really not working as you had hoped, you could just call it a day, return the funds (with a bit of an extra "thank you" tip and/or randowhale vote on their top pending post for their "trouble"). Then take some time off to regroup and rethink the strategy.

One idea may be to offer some sort of discounted @randowhale and/or WhaleShare votes, which could also, depending on how it's structured, potentially give a helpful boost to some of the smaller members of the community as well.

Link: The "SECRET" to properly summoning randowhale and Whaleshares to MAXIMIZE your ROI!

Thanks for your comment. I'll keep this competition running however, since I've committed to it. $250 will be paid out definitely.

I figured you would, but it does seem a bunch more did come in after all! While not as "attractive" as last night, the current expectancy seems to be around $14.81, which still makes for better odds than most lotteries, so I threw in my 2 SBD as well!

Edited. Make you write "RandomSBD" in the memo rather than "Rando".
Good Luck!

Interesting! Don't have much SBD atm, but will keep an eye on this!

Don't worry, there'll be more opportunities!

Just upvoted and following!

I am running a trivia game if you are interested.

It is transparent and easy to use. See if you can guess this day's trivia answer!

I'm still trying to understand the upvoting process. I just upvoted this post, and my account balance went down. Why would that be? I thought that upvoting does the opposite.

In dollar terms? That's probably just be the exchange rate fluctuating.

Yes, in dollars. That must be it. Thank you.
I don't have enough SBD at this point, but when I do I'll participate in your next lottery.

You're welcome, and no prob.

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