The Exponential Value of Knowledge

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I just started listening to a recent Tim Ferriss podcast episode with Sam Harris and it got me to thinking about exponential knowledge.

Sam was talking about how he had a psychedelic experience when he was 20 and that ended up changing the course of his life and also caused him to begin meditating regularly.

Seeing that I'm a similar age, I relate closely to what he said here and I take it to heart.

I've listened to a lot of great speakers and thought leaders before - Jordan Peterson is another favorite of mine alongside Sam Harris - and to me, they are intellectual superheroes:

They are people that I aspire to be more like - at least, on an intellectual level.

Which brings me to my main point: the exponential value of learning.

In my opinion, what may allow someone with a monkey mind such as mine to become as intellectually sound and adaptive as Sam Harris is the snowball effect of learning a lot while you're young and continuing to tend to that fire of curiosity!

The more you tend to that fire and continue to allow it to compound upon itself, the greater intellectual capacity you will garner over a lifetime.

Maybe I'm just spewing a bunch of nonsense or maybe I'm right... Either way, I guess we'll find out in 20 years when I'm a little older and hopefully a whole lot wiser :)


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