Don't Fear the Mistakes That You'll Make

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When you're doing anything for the first time - going to the gym and trying a new exercise, running a new route outside, a new diet plan, writing a book... Whatever it may be. You're going to feel this resistance that pushes against you.

You're going to feel a little awkward at first. You may fall down, you may lose your grip, you may even lose sight of the objective.

But you have to return to your goals. If you're trying to get in shape, then you have to realize that the only way to acheive that goal is to step outside your comfort zone.

The only way to step outside your comfort zone and not feel terrible about yourself is to laugh at yourself.

Laughing at yourself is one of the surest ways to keep up your momentum. It's one of the easiest and one of the hardest things in the world to do.

It's funny how it counterbalances itself. Once you learn how to laugh at yourself, you can do anything you dream of. Your dreams will become reality and you will do anything it takes to acheive them.

If you're traveling to a new country, you may be scared. In fact, you'll definitely be scared if its your first time traveling. Especially if you're going alone.

You should just do what feels natural to you. You should follow your dreams and aspirations. You should make a list of the things that you want to do and then you should just do them. You shouldn't be scared of what other people will think of you.

If you overvalue other peoples' opinions about your actions, then you will forever be crippled in your journey of chasing your dreams

Don't let other people cripple you. First of all, these people are probably not even thinking about you in the first place.

If they laugh because you screw up or do something funny, then laugh with them. When you laugh at yourself, you can make any mistake and you can fail at anything and still be happy.

You can be happy with yourself and you can make progress in your life. It's one of the most free feelings in the world - the feeling that no matter what you do, you can have a good time and just enjoy life the way that you want to enjoy life!

What will you do today that will put you out of your comfort zone?

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You will be mature after overcoming all kinds of obstacles!


You will be mature
After overcoming all
Kinds of obstacles!

                 - bluewinter

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I must confess, you really motivated me
You actually said it all...there was a time in my life where I assumed everything I did was bound to fail. I kept on living in a deluded thinking...halucination was not far from my personality, I became engrossed in excessive thinking strong enough to make a full grown dude run crazy.

As time goes on I discovered that I was partly the reason for my soberness , I found out that I was the one that obstructed joy from my inner life...I began to discover myself.
Presently, I have now realized that life has many things to now the master of myself, bad situations/predicaments dont influence my mood anymore.

A free man is not just someone that got freed from a cave but he is someone that sees setbacks and mockery as a means of attaining a greater height

In fact, everyone has their own key to themselves, another matter, that not everyone wants to use it

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Great motivational post.. Loved to read this article..
You have used very beautiful picture and attractive picture in this. That's great.💕👌

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Thank you for this post, it's so accurate! And it came in perfect timing for me.

Set a goal for urself and then try harder to achieve it.. U will face difficulties but u shd nt leave it in midway... Try more harder and then one day, u will achieve it.....

Great rainbow,see and imoressed

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Really, inspirational.


I agree. These mistakes are the stairs to success.

Awesome text, after a couple of hard months I decided that I was responsible for my own happiness, only me and nobody else, this made me realize how powerful our mind can be when we just switch things in our way of thinking, little things, like you said, doing stuff out of your comfort zone, it's extremely refreshing to embrace life with a positive attitude and just trying your best everyday to be the best version of yourself.

Everyday I aim to do or learn something new, no matter what, by doing this I feel like I'm seizing this chance to be alive and feel very good about my myself and yes, sometimes you can make mistakes but it's all part of the learning process of life, we fall so we can get up and start again. Your post it's very uplifting and hopefully someone who is a having hard time can feel better by your words. Cheers!

Determination has no substitute

Great article and challenge. #resteemed

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Once the mistake is made, remorse and guilt will not change the facts. There is no changing the past - only choices on how to deal with consequences with grace, choices on gaining wisdom that will guide future actions, and choice to forgive or condemn the self. Sometimes laughter will have to wait until long after.

I'm not afraid of being failed many times but what I'm afraid of is that I become successful once.

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Great part about being a loner is I'm okay having one friend and the rest of the world against me. I live a happy life as I am right now and don't fear living my life the way I want.