3 Of the Most Effective, Low-Effort Ways to Lose Weight and Live a Healthier Life!

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I usually post a lot about food and the creations that I make from day-to-day, but today I felt like sharing a few tips about losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle. Afterall, what's the point of loving food if you are unhealthy and won't be able to enjoy it for as long?

Tip #1: Eat in a specific time-window:

Often referred to as time-restricted-eating, this is a great way to manage insulin levels and is highly beneficial to your nutrient partitioning.

Time-restricted eating is as simple as it sounds really. You eat within a specific time each day. The most popular version of this is a 16/8 fast (16 hours fasted and 8 hour eating window).

Note that you can fast while you're sleeping. A good setup for me is to break the fast at 1 in the afternoon and then stop eating at 9PM (I'm a night owl and I tend to wake up around 9-10 AM).

Tip #2: Use a Smaller Plate:

It sounds really simple but using a smaller plate for your meals can make it a lot easier to eat less. Some people say they struggle with this because they just end up going for a second plate, but here's a little trick:

After you finish your first plate, drink 2 10oz glasses of water and wait 20 minutes before deciding whether you're ACTUALLY hungry for that 2nd plate. I bet you'll find that you re-think that decision after the water!!

Tip #3: Start Walking:

This one is EXTREMELY simple and is one that everyone can do. Make it a point to walk at least once a day. I'd say 20 minutes is a good minimum.

For those of you who don't work out, walking is a great minimalist approach and you cannot tell me that you don't have just 20 minutes each day to do it!!! Put on some headphones, listen to a podcast or some music and just walk for a little while.

I actually like to just walk in silence, it helps me think!!

Any form of exercise is absolutely fantastic for your cardiovascular and overall health!!

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Excellent tips, my problem is putting the weight on, yes I could eat healthier and do more exercise, but it is a little trickier as I have a lot of old patterns to overcome. but I will get there, great post


Thank you!! yea working through old patterns and trying to overcome habits that you've built over years is really tough. I think a great way to go about it is to "replace" those patterns with new habits. If you eat while you watch TV, then watch less tv and work out more or read a book or go on a walk.. Stuff like that is simple and effective!


Totally feelsomoon!!! How have your results been in the past 2 days?

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I am starting walking and intermittent fasting. I hope to see results soon.


Yeah you should see some results pretty quickly from doing those!! Let me know how it goes for you!!


Thanks arcange!! That's great info!

Congratulations @gallerani!
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I've also read that time restrictive diets, like the 16/8, can actually help your body build new cells more effectively, which helps in building more muscles, which in turn burn more calories, combine that with some good exercise and its really a win/win


Hmm I haven't heard about that, but I will absolutely read up on that!! If it's true then that's yet another amazing benefit of time-restricted eating!!


Thanks arcange, that's great news!