Japanese knife master crafter makes a knife out of aluminum foil that would put your commercial ones to shame

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I can appreciate good knives, but I am not a knife fanatic by any means. I just happened to come across this video and was fascinated. The second video is even more impressive.

There is no spoken words in most of the videos, but none are needed. The first video he makes a knife out of aluminum foil, and this isn't a toy knife either. It most likely is sharper and more effective than any of your current knives.

Aluminum Foil Knife

The second video is really crazy, he makes a knife out of pasta. To top it off, he boils it after and eats it like a gourmet meal.

Pasta Knife

The You Tuber kiwami japan makes a lot more than knives, he makes a lot of weapons like swords, bows, and 50 lbs slingshots.

Pretty interesting videos if you are into that sort of thing.

$5 bow and arrow

I don't have a lot of interest in knives and sword creation, but just the crazy materials used makes it fascinating to watch. The bow is made with shoe horns for crying out loud.


What a wicked post! Thanks a lot for these powerful sharing and new techniques I was unaware of. All of the techniques used and showed were fantastically well documented, AWESOME!!!

Namaste :)

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would love to see how sharp it is really and how strong.

It is dangerous to get in a fight with this type of guy cos he can make a weapon out of literary anything at his disposal. thanks for sharing @ipromote

Amazing mind to create new amazing things that are better.

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I am not saying my post has amazing value

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this is the Japanese MACGYVER of anything ... it invents something .. its videos are impressive

Wow, in his other life, maybe, he made swords?? is really his gift. amazing what he does.

Creativity at its peak. Some persons are just super talented.

He quedado en una sola pieza con estos videos.
El cuchillo de papel aluminio es increíble como lo rabaja. La forja, la calidad de los detalles, todo. Ahhhh y como corta.
El de pasta quedo demasiado bueno y preparado para comer genial.
El arco ni hablar. Quien imaginaba usar calzadores de zapatos y un aparato para hacer ejercicios.
Demasiado bueno el artículo.
Te felicito.

ahhh. this is creativity at its best . imagine those materials knifes are made from, even pasta! that guy is a master in his art. thanks for sharing

great art from just that thing can made some knife LOL

Wow amazing videos. I am seeing 1st time this type of knives . How talented the creator is, Japenese are most talented and hardworkers.
Thanks for sharing beautiful new video @ipromote. Waiting for other new different videos from u.

It seems everything is possible but I don't think this knife will hold it's edge very well.

How many knives, so many opinions. They show different Japanese and not very Japanese knives, of course I can only judge about chef's knives, but like the same knives, they serve differently.