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The Happy Heartbreak.

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It’s been a long time coming, with several leaks and rumors preparing the way for the grand entry of the most anticipated product of 2018.

I wonder why many people (myself included) still get so much excited every year, knowing fully well that we won’t be getting our hands on these products any time soon. I wonder!

Anyway, all that didn’t stop me from streaming most of the event live on my laptop.

I remember the feeling when I got my first iPhone. It was less of excitement and more of “okay let’s see how this goes”. Trying out an iPhone after so many years of being a Google fanboy wasn’t as bad as it would have been for a core Samsung fanboy but it still felt weird.

I used to be the one laughing at folks queuing up to pay for overpriced devices and here I am, albeit slowly and quietly, trying out an Apple device.

Fast forward several years now and I haven’t looked back. I wouldn’t say the devices are exceptionally awesome but I don’t have any trouble with them either.

The best experiences in life are those that happen so smoothly, you don’t even notice. I hope to translate this into products and services I create in the nearest future.

After long stories and various details we didn’t really want to hear, the most anticipated information of the year was let out; the prices for the new iPhones! Instead of saying anything, I’d just place a picture below for your viewing pleasure 😁


So the anticipation has been built so high and climaxed at the point of the price announcement but the fall I experienced right after has to be one of the saddest I have ever had. My entire Steemit account, at the moment, can’t even purchase the cheapest iPhone (the iPhone XR).

The funny thing is that the XR is technically shit and the XS Max is the bomb but it turns out bombs are still pretty expensive to purchase despite their apparent popularity.

Q: What if someone reads this post and sends you 1,000 Steem?

A: Oh well, I’d make a detailed post on why I should get the iPhone XS Max and how it won’t be a waste of money.

Q: What if nobody sends you Steem?

A: Why do you have to be so pessimistic?

Q: Oh, well...

A: Oh, yeah...

Now if this post doesn’t stir up a reaction in you, let me know in the comments! And if it did stir up a reaction in you, I’ll be so happy to know what it is! 😁

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Hahhahaha, congrats on your buy man!!

Honestly Im not really an apple fan myself so I am very curious how you will find this baby running!


Haha! They were just announced today and they look far from what I can afford at the moment 😂😂😂

I’ll take your congratulations as an “advance” tho 😆😆😃😃


Wait i see now that I totally misread you :D

remember when you were buying your first Iphone, i see where the hickup comes from hahahahha.. regardless...i am curious though!

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