Planet Destroyers

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Us humans are smug bastards. We think we have developed nuclear weapons, triggered climate change, and now we get to ponder over how we can "Save the planet". The truth is, sure, we have the power to destroy most of humanity and several species along with it, but our combined might will barely make a dent on the planet itself.

Tsar Bomba

To this day, the Tsar Bomba remains the greatest explosion of energy ever triggered by humankind.

Some perspective first. Fat Man and Little Boy remain the most devastating weapons ever deployed in war. It's far to say that they were true town killers. They topped out with an explosion of 21 kilotons of TNT.

The Tsar Bomba? 57,000 kilotons. Yes, over 2,500 more explosive! The Tsar Bomba could wipe out the entire New York City. Shockwaves will be felt all the way down to Florida.

But will it destroy the planet? Not even a scratch. So what if all 16,000 nuclear warheads were deployed at once? Would that kill most humans? Possibly. Would there really be a nuclear winter? Possibly. But it'll clear away within years. Totally insignificant for a planet that has survived 4.5 billion years.


Earthquakes and tsunamis can be devastating, but supervolcanoes remain the mother of all geological events. A supervolcano is one that expels over 1,000 km3 of volcanic ejecta into the atmosphere. The most violent volcanic explosion of recent times was Mount St. Helens. Think that is massive? Supervolcanoes are thousands of times more explosive!

75,000 years ago, Lake Toba exploded with the ferocity of thousands of Tsar Bombas! Indeed, it created a crater that's easily visible from space.

But the real destruction is caused not by the eruption itself, but the ejecta. Toba ejected 2,800 km3 of volcanic ash, which blacked out the skies for years. This led to a decade long volcanic winter and a mini ice age that took 1,000 years to recover.

There's a genetic bottleneck for humans around the same time as the Toba eruption. While some hypotheses have suggested nearly all humans around the time died, and the species survived by the skin of its teeth, recent findings reveal that to be largely an exaggeration. Still, it did affect the ecosystem severely.

Yellowstone is due for one such supervolcano any time now. Were it to erupt, it'd destroy the entire western coast of the USA, while most of North America would have to evacuate. It'll be an epidemic that could kill a majority of the human population.

Clathrate gun

To be clear, clathrate gun is an untested hypothesis. That said, this could be the deadliest of environmental catastrophes. Methane clathrate is water ice that has trapped large amounts of methane. Methane is a deadly greenhouse gas, dozens of times more potent than Carbon Dioxide.

A rise in oceanic temperatures could melt away methane clathrates almost overnight, releasing dozens of gigatons of methane into the atmosphere. This could lead to atmospheric methane content increase by an order of magnitude, with a catastrophic temperature rise of 6 degrees C within a human lifetime.

This would pretty much trigger a mass extinction event and more than 90% of all species will go extinct. The human population would be severely reduced, though some humans might just survive.

The planet itself, however, will live on.

Impact event

During the early years of the Solar system, the Earth was bombarded by massive objects. Some even planet sized, one of which is hypothesized to have led to the formation of the moon. To be sure, these are true planet destroying events. Though, more accurately, they are planet forming events.

Earth experienced a barrage of massive impacts during the Late Heavy Bombardment period about 4 billion years ago. However, once the Solar System and Earth's neighbourhood stabilized, massive impact events have been extremely rare. The chance of a planet sized object hitting Earth now is negligible, as it will form an orbit of its own around the Sun.

The largest impact event post-LHB is the Chicxulub impact, better known as the impactor that killed the dinosaurs. Indeed, it played a significant part in the K-T extinction event about 65 million years ago, completely disrupting Earth's geological, chemical and thus biological ecosystem.

The Chicxulub impact is an explosion worth millions of times of Tsar Bombas!

Finally, the Earth experiences a scratch. But 'tis just a scratch!

Sun goes Red Giant

Approximately 5 billion years from now, the Sun will exit the Main Sequence and start its long journey to becoming a Red Giant. The Sun's volume will increase millions of times.


Around 5.5 billion years from now, Earth will be well and truly toast. There would be no water and it's easy to imagine there'll be no life of any kind. It'll be a hellish inferno.

Eventually, the red giant Sun might just devour the entire planet whole! Or what's remaining of it. So, there you go - a true Planet Destroyer.

Death Star

Yeah, this one wins.

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Sounds like we are SOL :/ I laughed when I saw the Death Star.....I was think some bacteria or a disease is something that could kill off all living species.

Not sure if we could really consider it a planet if it didn't have any life?


The thing with an epidemic is they usually only affect one species or maybe a small ground of species. There are epidemics of all kinds all the time, but of course we'll only pay attention when one hits us. Our healthcare is advancing at such a rapid pace that it's unlikely to get out of control. Certainly, there'll never be another Black Death.

Of course it's a planet, life or not :)


It's certainly NOT the same planet when the biosphere is very substantially reduced, according to Lovelock- and he gathered the data to support that.

In the end, ten out of ten die.


That's a newsflash- to some people...

In short. That is a lot of doom. Ha. I am not worried too much though. I happen to be one of another persuasion.
Here is my prediction, if you will allow me.
No nuclear, human population wipeout anytime soon. Not in my lifetime. Ha ha
Your post gives us something to think about, but as you point out. The earth remains. And as long as earth time remains, I like the odds of some human activity on earth to also remain. So, for us, at least for me. Another happy day.
You have done well. You have clearly pointed out potential calamities.
Rest easy my friends. There is one that is in control. And it "ain't" me. lol
Thank you



Yeah, I suppose it was a lot of doom, but oddly amusing. Sure, I agree, humans are extremely resilient and aren't going away any time soon. There are major challenges ahead of us, but we'll find a way.


Many thanks for the upvotes. I am made happy today by your generosity. And you @liberosist did the work.
It takes time put together content and post it on Steemit. And the content you chose today, is ringing bells of warning for us as humans on this planet. We all need to be vigilant. Just as you have pointed out in your very good post.
Thank all of you again. "Only on Steemit," is one of my favorite phrases.



I didn't really intend it to ring alarm bells. Like I mentioned, I find it an entertaining topic, amusing even. But yes, best to be aware of what can destroy us!

Sadly the balance of the world is being kept by several buttons that just need be pressed to start the apocalypse. If you have ever played metro 2033 that's what im talking about.
Cheers for the good post and happy steeming friend, don't let the bed nukes bite xD tehehehehe nope..


Ah yes, I love Metro 2033! The next one Metro Exodus looks incredible.


I do agree sadly my ring isn't sufficient enough to handle that.
Maybe in time i can afford some upgrading with steem sbd and give it a go :D who knows what the future holds.
Cheers and best of luck friend 🍀🍻


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It certainly gives you pause to think. Ours is a fragile existence at best. Very insightful post. Thanks.


It sure is! In the grand scheme of universe, very fragile and insignificant. We're here for a miniscule amount of time, so make the most of it!


It sure is! In the grand scheme of universe, very fragile and insignificant. We're here for a miniscule amount of time, so make the most of it!

How do you prepare for such tragic and apocalyptic level events? I joined Steemit today. Thanks for this great information.


We can definitely prepare for all of them.

Nuclear weapons - This is totally in our control.
Clathrate gun - Control climate change. This could get out of hand if we don't act fast. Colonizing the solar system is a good option.
Supervolcano - While there'll be some seismic activity detectable, this one's a major risk. Can erupt at any time with short notice.
Impact event - This one should be predictable. There are ways space programs could deflect the impactor away from Earth.
Red giant sun - Colonization outside the solar system.
Death start - We're screwed.

haha I love this! People are severely misinformed about the destructiveness of nuclear weapons. They are terrible things, insanely effective at killing large amounts of people (especially modern ones which are designed to create a lattice of supercharged fireballs that descend to create a "lake of fire" - or rather an area in which everything spontaneously combusts) but they cannot make humankind extinct - they could set us back a few hundred years sure, but radiation would be back to "safe" levels within a year (for modern efficient warheads).


Exactly. Nuclear weapons are destructive because we have cities.

Great synthesis and very informative! Clearly a Tier 1 post.

Hey, interesting post! Today, I had a presentation about the South China Sea in school and I also talked about Methane clathrate because there is a lot of it in the South China Sea.


Nice! You should write a post about your presentation.


Yes, I will do that. The presentation was in German but of course I will also post a English version of it.

One is missing from here. Asteroid Apophis. It will fly by earth in 2029 and 2036. Scientist believe it will not hit earth. But what could happen is trigger a massive earthquake around the world and cause tunami in my opinion. Maybe change the way the land is. You know, remember 200 million year ago earth was just one huge continent called the Pangaea, then thing went arwy due to earthquake? Who know, I could be wrong.


Apophis is a tiny fraction the size of Chicxulub. True, it could still trigger massive tsunamis or earthquakes, but hardly the apocalyptic impact of Chicxulub. Anyway, as you point out, Apophis is almost certainly going to miss Earth.

The Earth's crust is moving all the time - it's called continental drift. It's a continuous cycle of continents coming together or splitting apart. It's not some single earthquake that causes this. The last supercontinent was Pangaea, and we are heading for another one in a hundred million years' time, which some call Amasia.


Save our precious bodily fluids!


Purity of Essence

Scientific development will become more and more dangerous.

I am all for free science, but as long power is held in such a centralized manner, it will outweigh the benefits by far.

C'mon... when you have the Death Star pretty much everything else becomes kiddie toys...


Yeah, Death Star wins. Though that red giant Sun is a close second :)

Very good post man and and interesting topic, you should see this as well

Operation "Teapot", largest bomb detonated there was 43kilotons , largest today is 57 megatons! 1325 times more powerful than the explosion in this video!

Source: be sure to check these out!

epic post you made there :D
one I truly read entirely

but we still have some time to live?


I hope so :)

Forget about the death star. The rebel alliance would never let that happen.


The real world is not quite as rosy :)


on the bright side...


You know today's leaders are in a race to eliminate humanity from this universe not to live in peace (and they call them peacekeeping weapons lol), i think it's in our nature to savage each other like animals.


If that were truly the case, the species would be extinct long ago. Today's leaders, while extremely flawed, have acted remarkably well in keeping peace. Indeed, today is by far the most peaceful times humans have ever lived in.


We are peaceful from nature . Todays and past leaders created a system
that makes us believe that without them we are savage animals .
We are domesticated humans controled by fear .
Did our leaders plan this ? or is it a logic result of our technological revolution ?
I don't know . Fact , it happens .... war.

I was so into this entire post, then I got to the end... ReSteemed and followed. lolol

I put my money on a coronal mass ejection , CERN or Saturn turning in to a brown dwarf to happen first .

lol , the Death star .


Coronal mass ejection can cause a lot of damage to human civilisation, but it won't affect the planet much. As for CERN or Saturn turning into a brown dwarf, that's firmly in the realm of science fiction. Never gonna happen!


LOL , like the Death star is for real , you do know it was made in a Hollywood basement .
And if by destroying a planet means total destruction in to small pieces , then your wright about coronal mass ejections not destroying the earth . But some event like that dosn't have to be from our sun , a quasar beam or nearby supernova would also leave the earth striped of like Mars , a death rock in space .
Saturn is the destroyer of planets ,
Not so far from fiction as you might think .
And CERN , let's hope your wright , i don't know , i was just joking around , sorry :-) .
There are theories that the Sun turning , changing , could happen faster as todays textbook sience tells us. Electrical , magnetic and plasma forces are not jet fully explored or explained .
Sorry but , never gonna happen ! ??? We don't know what we don't know ;-) .
I do not try to attack you here , just some openminded thought's to think about .
Peace to all

The biggest potential problem of a nuclear bomb is the explosion itself. Everything else should be able to be taken care of (radiation).

I have heard these stories my whole life. In the 1960s California was going to fall into the ocean from earthquakes. Late 60s the ozone hole above the earth was going to vanish and cause the sun to burn the earth up. Now carbondioxide is going to kill us even though it is consumed by green plants so they can emit oxygen. It is all just like Bigfoot. Nothing but urban legend.


We got lucky that the Ozone hole accumulated over the Antarctic, or it would have caused mayhem on the human population. Fortunately, we were able to act quickly in banning CFCs. There's far more Carbon Dioxide generated today than the plants can consume. It's not bigfoot, temperature anomaly is real and statistically significantly verified by peer-reviewed data from around the world.

California falling the ocean, yeah, that one's an urban legend, sure.


Not denying any of your comment, but what happens when you factor in c02 from volcano eruption which is massive . The University of Pennsylvania has much research on this subject that is real interesting.

I don't know..all that crap coming out of washington may just make the plant self

good job on the death star

An very interesting read. Thanks for this one.

Not a question of if.. just when.. dun dun dunnn

@liberosist Love this post
Luckily nature can not be controlled, Imagine such power in one's hand :O
If so,will he be the God?


Odds of trump launching nukes in 2017!?? xoxox

Hey, in the meantime let's save our sharks!


Oh, there's a lot of species that need saving, including ourselves.


Yep, true. Got to do the best we can to take care of errbody. :)

I think 16,000 nucs would leave more than scratch.


Not really, a vast majority of the nukes are pretty small, delivering about 10-50 kt or so. Tsar Bomba is a compete outlier. 16,000 nukes would cover an blast area of only 150,000 km2 or so, which is only 0.003% of the Earth's surface area.


Well, it's the fall out I worry about not the actual blast.


Again, it'll only cover a very small area. Many cities will be destroyed, for sure.

That's bad :/ Intresting read tho!

@liberosist: This is so scary. Hope god have some mercy on us.


God couldn't care less. There have been many such disasters in the past, and there will continue to be in the future.

Great read, wow! thanks

"It'll be an epidemic that could kill a majority of the human population."

Well, that'll help me sleep tonight. :|


I understand that the first symptom is that your hair turn blonde. :)


I'll admit, I snorted 😂


Whoops, sorry :)

that's one hell of a bomb!

My fear would be that a defence network could be compromised through hacking. Why build nuclear warheads when you can use your enemies nuclear arsenal against themselves.

Very interesting post! ty so much :)
I hit the follow button ;)

planet Destroyers !! we need planet building

Contractors made hundreds of billions during the Cold War arms race.
"During the past 25 years, the Soviet Union has not developed a single major new weapon..."--Melvin R. Laird, congressman and later Secretary of Defense boasting in a Reader's Digest article May 1976.


What's a "Soviet", is it a new kinda Fidget Spinner???

if we need to fear, we should fear our self

the greatest destroyer us.

May there be Peace, Abundance and Freedom for all! Collaborative spaces of worldwide connection like this community are planting the seeds of peace. Onward and upward!

humans are the strongest form of mass destruction. No extra terrestial body needs to end the world humans will do. THEY ARE GOOD AT IT!

Great post! Thanks for sharing.

So many spectacular Ways to Die. I always thought I was going to die in a car crash. But all these seem so great

"Us humans are smug bastards" ...couldnt agree more! Great post @liberosist ! If all our resources were invested only in creating and not destroying...

I LOVE the educational posts... extremely interesting... thx for sharing!

Hey, how come cheetah did not pay you a visit if you are posting your own stuff LOL! Kidding my man, hahahaha!

That Tsar Bomba is no joke, that's some scary stuff for sure.

If it is nuclear war, some will survive. Even a super volcano, as you wrote, would probably leave some alive. If an event that bad happens though, there's no way to plan for it. You might as well not think about such things therefore.

However, I've studied nuclear war quite a bit as a residential security expert, and it is definitely survivable. There are certain things you need to do in advance of one happening though to greatly improve your chances.

Don't live in a large urban area, and do not live immediately down wind from one. The same applies to a nuclear power plant. Do not confuse the two either. Nuclear fallout decays quickly. Nuclear power plant radiation does not.

In a nuclear war though, the power plants will fail.

You do not want to live near any obvious nuclear target either. If your city does not get struck at first, you should still move away from it. Follow up strikes can take weeks to occur as submarines are moved into position.

Shelter in place from fallout, and the longer you can stay inside the better. Two weeks after the last blast occurs is a minimum. A month is safer. Once you do leave your shelter, a basement works in a pinch, make sure children are carried and kept off the ground.

Their growing bodies are more susceptible to lingering low levels of radiation than an adult's.

Absolutely, a BOLIDE IMPACT would enter the atmosphere and has happened in the distant past. Still didn't destroy Earth and it vaporized the entire 4 miles of water in the ocean as it cracked open the Earth's asthenosphere like an egg. The Bolide is the destroyer of worlds. Earth, she's a resilient planet! Gaia!


Bolides do disintegrate in the atmosphere, but impactors survive and hit the Earth with most of their might. Still doesn't do too much damage!

Wow, these are some godly destructions that could happen anytime soon!

Yes, I think this definitely gives some good perspective on the whole "save the planet" thing. However, I believe it is worth mitigating our mindless pollution (and war) to provide the best possible environment to our future generations. While we might not be able to make any lasting difference on the planetary scale, we might as well make a difference for our fellow inhabitants...

Damn, very good post, detailed and scary! Great job @liberosist

Very interesting :)