The future we fear of should rather be embraced.

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The future looks very interesting from my point of view. A future where 80% of the jobs being done today will be done by machines. A future where we will get into our cars and tell it to drive us to our preferred location (that's already happening today). A future where we can communicate with almost every appliance in our house(internet of things). A future where it will be difficult for others to cheat us out of a deal because everything will be recorded in a public ledger (.the blockchain). A future where houses are printed and AIs provide we humans with better and affordable healthcare and legal aid.

This is how I see the future and one thing that keeps bothering me is how other see it( parents). I'm well aware of the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but that shouldn't deter us from seeing the truth and speaking it. Recently, our University asked that as 3rd year students, we'd intern with some Engineering companies. While others were busy trying to get into those prestigious mining firms, a few of my coursemates including myself decided to intern with one lecturer of ours who offered to buy an arduino kit so we could learn a thing or two.


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It took us 5 weeks to go through the basics and afterwards, he gave us a project which we were able to do accurately. This whole experience has made me to want to know about more programming languages like python and C++. While our other colleagues are busily doing paperwork and enjoying free breakfast and lunch, we are learning something unique which I believe is much needed in the future to come. The sad part of this story is how disappointed my parents are that I couldn't get to intern at a mining company where after school, it would be easy for me to get employment. To them, what I did during my internship basically has no value.

Well, I made up my mind 5 years ago to not let people who have no idea about a subject, give me advice on that subject regardless of who that person is and that thought has helped me evolve into an individual who knows what he wants and how to plan for it. Here is a truth most of us including myself hate and it is this; With all things being equal, our parents will die before we do and if that happens, who will then call the shots in your life?

Be bold in your decision making and choose a lifestyle that wouldn't fail you and your future generations.


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You are on the right track dear
Parents wants the best for their children but the very best is our choice to make
I wish to learn programming too

Good for you, stick to your plans and you will be prepared for the future and not the past.

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