Future worry

in future •  6 months ago 

If I had a child, all the work would be on me. To look, to clothe, to feed, in my lap to shake, to shake my feet, in the cradle to do homework, to talk to teachers. Go shopping with him, to meet his wishes, to listen to a shortage and find solutions, to unhappiness. His father would surely help, but more than half of those things would have been on me and he pulled out a dick.

Then if I had a child and made a mistake somewhere, I would be condemned, blamed. Why should I raise it by myself? He also has a grandfather, his grandmother, her grandmother.

On the way to the exit of a school when I came to my mind, good that I did not make children. Because at the same time the school that educates children, teachers and friends at school. If I chose the school, I couldn't choose teachers, I couldn't pick friends if I chose teachers. In other words, the education system and even the friends of their families. The truths of his friends, the truth of his, I do not know how much I could change it.

Although nature says it gives birth to me, my hormones, why don't I have children when my body is on it? I can't hear nature, my hormones, my body. Fatigue, life expectancy, future anxiety is so overwhelmed, I can not hear them.

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