A look back

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You wake up, time to make some coffee. You get on your PC and first thing you look at is how much revenue your solar powered miner had gotten you last night, 13.37 Satoshis, nice! You look at some news on Steem, you look at the comment section for validation; World Hunger and Overpopulation are officially not a problem anymore. You lay back on your chair while drinking the rest of the coffee and think back to how things used to be.

A failing economy enslaving the population through debt, imbalances and conflicts between most countries, no control or any idea about what is going on and where it was headed.

Looking back you're scared of the thought of having lived in that universe another 20 years, you can't and don't want to imagine a universe where a new trustless monetary invention hadn't happened. You think to yourself how quickly things changed once adoption started rolling in. All the problems in the world it fixed. Imagine if we hadn't invented this tech then and there. What would the people be doing today when the bots took all of their jobs?

It's kind of hard to imagine, so much time has passed. It would be just as hard as imaging the future in the present. I guess, not for some, for some it was crystal clear ever since they laid their eyes on it, or should I say their brains considering how few didn't really get it. Once it got going, people started to feel empowered once again, it was like this power they had all along but it's been leeched out of them more and more over time. The power of holding your own money, the money that took all their powers away. The powers of the people currently in charge, the power of the people in the middle and the power of the big buildings in your cities.

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Future truth and hope vision bomb is now weaponized... deployment successful.


It's up to the people now to choose which future they want to be part of. :)

Thanks for being a light man! All new ages take time to settle in, and this new age of creativity, attention, and sharing as the basis for living is a beautiful one indeed :)

Like a start of #sci-fi novel, which ends up predicting the future


ikr? Phillip K Dick up in here! :D

Haha we will see..^^


Things can change rapidly in this world for better and worse, I hope we are a group of people that will improve things.

“A goal without a plan is just a dream...”

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Time will tell
Got to go through it anyway
Keep on postin

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Agreed on most of the points. Anyway, even if this "massive adoption" succeeded, what about the imbalance distribution wealth in blockchain? Trust me it will go all over again, and again, and again. One day when everybody is equal and have our own share of tokens in hand to spend, a bunch of idiots will form a union and cry over the street saying early adopters got all the bigger portion of the wealth. It's not the system, it's the people. There's always doer, and the don'ter. I am a positive person, I haven't seen any loser so far, but there are difference between winner and whiner.

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You are late to the idea, Ed Bellamy published it 130 years ago.
Looking Backwards
He did a pretty good job, too.
Got lost in hierarchical details, but had the idea.

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Hi @acidyo today is international tea day .... Hope you will also have a cup of tea early in the morning.

Haha I didn't expect that to be so beautiful <3 it made me feel good.

Great window into the future! The things we do today will be the foundation of what will support the future!

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