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Introduction to CryptoFinance and Fusion

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies have changed the world of digital finance. Funds can now be easily transferred with just few clicks with very low charges. These are the few big advantages of digital currency, where people are willing to invest. The dramatic rise of digital currency have produce more issues like the price volatility and the sheer amount of tokens are inherent to the ecosystem. Yet, there are some big issues which need to be mitigated or controlled.
Fusion is a blockchain company that can benefit on some financing rules and features that can elevate the distance between digital currency and traditional financing.



Fusion introduce a new era in the field of crypto finance, which is released by the Chinese entrepreneur, DJ Qian. Fusion is a decentralized blockchain ecosystem, which bring the birth of CryptoFinance to the front of world.
Fusion is a financial plarform, which is built on a public blockchain. The goal of Fusion is to provide cross-organization, cross-datasource and cross-chain smart contacts.
Fusion will rely on the Fusion protocol, which provides APIs, that include different blockchain tokens. The goal is to make it possible for all kind of individuals, blockchain communities and centralized organizations to serve one another and create a beautiful future.


CryptoFinance Vs Finance

Before proceeding to cryptofinance, first understand the term Finance. Finance itself is a broad term that describes two distinct activities: The process of acquiring funds and how money is managed. It include creation and study of money, oversight, credit, banking, assets, liabilities and investments that all make up a financial systems.
In simple, finance is defined by its functions. Despite the fact that the forms of financial functions are changing with time, financial functions are stable. Financial functions can be usually generalized into 2 layers.
The 1st layer is composed of monetary functions, which are pricing, value storage, payment and international currency etc. this functions has been achieved by digital currencies like bitcoin and other tokens. Cryptocurrencies has solve the spending problem through distributed ledgers, which allow currencies to be issued and then transferred without centralized agency. Hence the functions of central bank have been realized by distributed ledgers.

The 2nd layer is composed of financial functions which is derived from monetary functions like, insurance, trust, equity, etc. The function of Price discovery can be included in second layer along with risk management. Regardless, there has not been a parallel solution in cryptofinance in the second layer.


Features of Fusion Network

The key features of Fusion network is Easy Swap, interoperable, LILO, inclusiveness and Time lock. Let’s discuss all this in detail below:

1. Easy Swap

Similar like atomic swaps, this feature in fusion allow users to swap their FSN tokens, bypassing the need for exchanges althogther.

2. Interoperable

All blockchain dApps and tokens will is interoperable with the Fusion Protocol. It clearly means that no separate contract and tokens will work in isolation.


LILO mean Lock-in Lock-out. This features allow users to access huge aggregated liquidity pool.

4. Inclusiveness

The Fusion network protocol have different APIs, which integrate different data sources, off chain systems and crypto tokens with in its ecosystem. This enable individuals, dApp develepers and organizations to build their ecosystem, within the context of Fusion.

5. Time Lock

Time Lock feature in Fusion network allow users a risk free loans banker acceptance and others can performed without the need of a trusted third party.

Through its network, Fusion give cryptofinance a platform that resolve and eliminate the hurdles that resist worldwide use of blockchain.


Fusion Technologies

The use of technology in any system is the key to its success. Fusion Network implement the same. Technologies used in Fusion network are:

DCRM (Distributed Control Rights Management)

Distributed Control Rights management is the process, which hands over the control of keys, such as private key of assets from centralized organizations or individuals to public Fusion blockchain. It means that no one can access the complete private key and this feature remove the centralized point of failure. It ensure that no single node can obtain the control of assets.

MTM (Multiple Triggering Mechanism)

Fusion has a technology called MTM, which introduces event triggers and timing to smart contracts. It creates three trigging modes, named Transaction, Event Triggers and Timing. This modes expands the use of smart contract, particularly for complex and large cryptofinance applications. The resultant is a protocol, which makes complex decentralized apps and distributed financial services.


Fusion Team

The best minds together put joint efforts in the Fusion Network. All of them have a better idea of CryptoFinance.




Fusion network is a public blockchain, which is dedicated to create an inclusive cryptofinancial platform. On this platform, Distributed network nodes managed different types of private keys. The Fusion network protocols consists of a set of APIs, which allow centralized orananzations to make blockchain scalable. And last but not least, the main aim of Fusion network is to introduce a new era of CryptoFinance for the internet of values.


Learn more about Fusion Network

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