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Seriously dude, don't let me in such embarrassment stage!

Traffy, by your gif I think you can't solve which sex you might tell to doctor lol :D



ya like does the prison shower event count?

He then admitted that some of these questions were too complicated to answer .


haha me in every exam

It's been awhile...I don't rightly remember, but I do know it was as a prize at the end of a sword fight


that's me, always getting my sword stuck in somewhere it doesn't belong

It is very hard to answer when your wife is near you.
Is girlfriend counted?


ya, assuming the doctor isn't your marriage therapist

Wait! Are you showing the reason you don't get laid?


of course, you always have to show your working

That's my wife when I ask her how many sexual partners she's had


you have a very beautiful wife, sir

3000 years ago

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I can't remember, I think its when Steem was $20
ok, then.... that's never

Lol, oh yeah, I understand, maybe you do not have to strain so much, but just count with your fingers, hahaha


Can't count with your fingers since you're using them for something else.

When the doctor asks: When was the last time you had sex?
I see that he has more problems than mine. Haha.

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Hahaha. Of the 500 memes I've seen on this gif, this one is exponentially the best.

The fact of the matter is that I did not have sex at all. haha

traf, so as not to disclose to the doctor, the secret about the lack of sex for a long time, you better pretend that you do not understand what the question is about, LoL