This Is Seriously Frustrating

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When someone beats your high score using your own phone and you spent the last 8 hours failing to top it

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My attitude when first time i beat my friend in video game..


only way to be best at donkey kong is to look like him

I'll have none of this

If you can destroy the evidence then it never happened


expensive solution for being shit at snake

8 hours? Where's the commitment to excellence? Give it three days. If that fails, pull your machette off the wall, go out, and take vengence on an unsuspecting public.

I see no other options.


my commitment to excellence died the day i got a B+ in maths in 7th grade


Lol, there are no other options


Thanks for you...

Just beat yourself off for 8 hours..thats always a fun game!


yeah no one can beat my high score there

Haha Now now m8, no one likes a sore loser



too bad he didn't get to blade of his skates to fly off into his opponent like he'd wanted

and the worst part is you throw you phone away and you broke it. lol!

oh yeah...almost beat you that time


probably just me right swiping until i get a response

I'm usually good at keeping my emotions in check, but one of these days not getting the high score might push me over the edge

No way. My record is 76 hours straight of masturbating to porn.

Better you prepare to beat your friend in real life :D It's better than spending 8 hrs with a damn phone :D

But I doubt you can still wear your old school Karate Kit lol :D


Hahahahaha..One time I had a game on my phone called space shuttle. The Game was quite a difficult one and I was addicted to it because of its technicality.

I tried all my best to get a very high score that I thought no one could beat. It was quite a popular Game at the time and most people had it on their phones too and then it became a tussle for who would surpass the other.

Finally on a very boring day, I picked up my phone and on one trial, was able to get a very high score and I felt like Thor...God of thunder.

Two days later, a female friend of mine came into my room and said she wanted to go through my phone . I was excited when she opened the game but I didn't see any suprise on her face, that got me worried. I though I had achieved an unbelievable feat.

She started playing and by the time she gave me back the phone, she was sad that she couldn't beat her own score and she had already beaten mine twice. The score on her own phone was three times my own score.

I deleted the game out of frustration. How can a girl beat me that much to a game I tried so much to score high.

It's really annoying so I know just how it feels...hehehe


Thanks for you....


My friend who beat my high score..

Other friend...

Really true, that's why I didn't give my phone to anyone.

Frustrated reaction

When you're trying, unsuccessfully, to hide your frustration.

Becoming frustrated with slow-walking old people. | 26 Everyday Habits That Make You

hahaha......very funny.

  1. “Wait, did I send that typo? MY CREDIBILITY HAS BEEN SLAIN.”

why watching watch upset unimpressed tv suspicious stressed staring stare serious reactiongif mad grumpy frustration frustrated

xiumin frustration

Some band members assume you're there because you want to sleep with them.

And if you're a female music journalist, you lose count of the amount of times you're mistaken for "the girlfriend".

Frustrated Exasperated Cant GIFs

If you interview a band you've idolised for years and they turn out to be utter arseholes, it's hard to listen to them again.

Fuck i don't believe this , it can't be happen ....

funny meme..just love it...amazing


Thank you

In two ways, writing is stressing me and killing me and making me cry. Seriously, I don't know what to do anymore

Hahaha very nice funny
I like it meme😃😃😃😃


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Great funny post...

Very funny meme

Watch pwned GIF on Gfycat.

Ship what you want, stay in your own lane and don't be an ass, sounds so simple right? And yetttt ARGG it get's so frustrating.

you should work harder now and don't give your phone anymore

Alt Account Traf ?

As frustrating as this has come to be, I've realized one thing: there needs to be more education about a PA's role in the healthcare system.

9 Things Not To Say To Someone With Depression

h1.gifā hā hā... Ēkabārē āmāra phōnaṭi spēsa śāṭala nāmē ēkaṭi khēlā chila. Khēlāṭi khuba'i kaṭhina chila ēbaṁ ēra kārigari kāraṇa āmi ēṭi āsakta chila.

Āmi khuba ucca skōra pētē āmāra samasta bhāla cēṣṭā karēchi yē āmi kā'ukē āghāta karatē pārē balē manē kari. Ēṭi bēśa janapriẏa gēma chila ēbaṁ adhikānśa mānuṣa tādēra phōnē ēṭi chila ēbaṁ tārapara ēṭi an'ya yārā atikrama karabē jan'ya ēkaṭi tikta haẏē ōṭhē.

Abaśēṣē ēkaṭi khuba biraktikara dina, āmi āmāra phōna kuṛāna ēbaṁ ēka ṭrāẏāla, ēkaṭi khuba ucca skōra pētē sakṣama chila ēbaṁ āmi Thor mata anubhūta... Bajrēra īśbara.

Du'i dina parē, āmāra ēka bandhu bandhu āmāra rumē āsēna ēbaṁ tini āmāra phōna mādhyamē yētē cēẏēchilēna balēna. Āmi yakhana khēlāṭi khulalāma takhana uttējita chilāma kintu tāra mukhēra dikē tākiẏē dēkhalāma, sē āmākē cintita karala. Āmi yadi'ō abiśbāsya kr̥titba arjana karēchi.

Sē khēlatē śuru karē ēbaṁ sē āmākē phōna phērata dēẏa, sē duḥkhī chila yē sē tāra nijēra skōrakē hārātē pārata nā ēbaṁ sē itimadhyē'i āmāra du'ibāra khuna karēchē. Tāra nijēra phōnē skōra chila tinabāra āmāra nijasba skōra.

Āmi hatāśā thēkē khēlā muchē phēlā. Kibhābē ēkaṭi mēẏē āmākē āghāta yē ēkaṭi khēlā anēka āmi ucca skōra yātē anēka cēṣṭā

Adorable Bird Gets The Best Massage Ever.

Funny weekend picture dump

Lol, from what is happening, I'm also disappointed, but in my head the plan of revenge for my 8 hours is already ripening, ha ha ha

Lol. I'm not upset, I'm starting to beat out the brains, to the one who offended me all 8 hours :))

hehehe.. nice funny post..
I like it..
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I appreciate your funny.....

Cute baby...



Hehehe this beautiful funny 😄😄

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I like it this all funny..
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Thank you my dear friend...


so funny but so sad

Damn you and your addicting ways


The Frustrated Artist by BlotoAngeles .


@melissa1999 you're on the @abusereports naughty list! Bad Steemian!