Showing Your Workings

in funny •  5 months ago

When the teacher asks you to solve '2-1 = ?' in front of the class and you decide to show your workings

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These two guys are distracting him from solving tough maths problem(2-1 =?)

If your teacher is Chuck, never try to messed with him :D

Traffy, can you solve this math problem? Don't you feel it's like STEEM price when it rise twice lol :D



instead of using a duster, he has a mirror
that's his secret


Thanks for you...

When showing off your video games skills


and mario can help with the plumbing due to all the condoms clogging the toilet

2 plus 2 is 4 minus 1 that's 3 quick maths
-Big Shaq


yeah and what do you think the chances are of me getting that reference? :p


Fat like your wife

Chuck Norris doesn't need to teach a class, students already know the answers as soon as they are in his presence!


the answer is whatever the hell he says it is

My teacher was talking about the theory of evolution in class last week and I told her, "There is no theory of evolution, just a list of beings that Chuck Norris allows to live.”


poor dodo birds never stood a chance against roundhouse kicks

Chuck Norris can divide by zero


hope he does it with steem price

it is very beautiful funny. i for you appreciate post.DQmdj5yjCjoS6eC39WmTHo6Au5Zz61cgJKBnJecN8ePUfu7.gif

He was too far away to kick him - theres another table between them

The teacher received the best answer(2-1=?)

ha ha ha
what a back heel
very funny post
my morning starts with laughing.

Basic is useless :

Hehehe,,,,Amazing funny....

Lol. When the teacher asks me to solve an example at the blackboard, I write that I always have everything "OKEY" :))

Lol, when the teacher asks me to decide such an example, I decide in my own way and in any case my answer to the teacher will be 1, ha ha ha

we've not evolved much, really

hehehe its so funny and intresting @traf you are the boss of always with you.

hahaha lol

when get a chance to escape the class and you use it properly :D

Don't do this if your class teacher is an Asian !

when you failed to solve" 2-1=3 " math in the class and teacher give you weird punishment LOL

Ha ha ha it actually very interesting post.U5du9covtNNs8ytf7QCNLRTF69Ac8FJ.gif