Remember That Time?

in funny •  5 months ago

When your friends mention that time in 2013 when you go so black out drunk you drank from the urinal at the pub

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Honestly I can't remember how I was drunken at that time, but I can remember BitCoin was at $100 at that time lol :D

Anyway Traffy, when I am drunken it's all Hangover time lol :D



don't jinx it
it could go down to 100 again lol


Haha like you do lol :D



I wish i'd known what was going to come

And proposed to the hooker who is now your soul keeper


it's how i met my wife indeed

Is it Wednesday?? .. I'm trying to remember that moment..


for you, probably every wednesday :p


hahaha that s true..


no, it's 3 days latter

Haha just don't eat those little blue things and then fall asleep. This happens



they're green by the time i get to them :)

Lol, for some it's just unforgettable moments, even after so many years, hahaha


dinner party at your place?

Lol. Friends remember and I remember, and I want to hide from them, so as not to see how they laugh at me.


my wife could use that box during our private moments

I remember I wasn't thirsty anymore

things on my list i never want to experience

Lil Wayne is backing you on this one...


Yeaa... I do.
Ooh.. ooh.. do you also remember that time we got drunk at the bar and you dozed off and I smashed your girl..... we were so blacked out

traf, i always told my ex-girlfriend that she should not get drunk in the toilet, in order to avoid sad memories, LoL

2073 year. It seems my friends will remember this until the end of my days. Haha