Putting Yourself Out

in funny •  5 months ago

When your date turns out so hideous you end up using the chloroform you prepared on yourself instead

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Actual footage of the moment! But beware from the Black guy who is behind you :D



too bad the dude in the background is blind so he can't be a witness


Too bad the dude in
The background is blind so he
Can't be a witness

                 - traf

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Make sure that you're smelling icy fresh before you make your mate come closer.


if your mate is anything like mine, you'd want her as far as possible


Even with this separator ??



My date kit for the Tinder dates:


ah you got the starter kit from my eshop

Lol, in such cases, must necessarily wear chloroform in your back pocket, which quickly put yourself out of action, hahaha


ya and look smart while doing it!

@traf, you should be a face of the brand which produces chloroform.


'giving you a knock out edge in the modern dating world'

You're a brave man @trafalgar, I would not dare pass-out in front of someone so unbearably ugly, even the thought of getting CPR would be enough to make me throw-up.


it's always better to delay suffering than bear to stare at them for another second
so why not take your chances

or he just has a stinky ass hand

Traf, always ask for money back guarantee from the pimp! Who knows he may even offer coupon discount for next time.

@traf, hahahahaha that was actually fun

That girl really does look like a guy.

Knock yourself out!!

Roof roof

Make sure your mouth fresh or not after kissing

hhah that turned out to be a horrible one

traf, in such cases it is better to have a container with chloroform, since no one knows how many ladies there will be today, LoL

Me watching STEEM pri-

Arghh shut the fuck up with the STEEM jokes already!


When I saw my lady, I realized that the prepared chloroform today is useful to me :)

Lol. When I saw my lady, I became so frightened and I began to cry because I understood that the floroform had to be tried for the rest of my life.

hahahah dammn hilarious 🤣🤣😂😂 oops🙊🙊