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Yeah, every time when I found a Dip in crypto lol :D

Traffy, welcome back to 2017!



lets go to the end of 2017 rather than the start!


Ah yeah, it's a good idea lol :D


When you are trying to buy the dip..Look to this video..


there is nothing but the dip these days
dip keeps dipping in shit


Hmm I guess I had the wrong impression when I was told to buy the dip



they really should give you the dips for free
i hate paying extra for them

Don't miss this action.

Awe missed it.

Didn't see that hole.


Seriously if bit coin goes under 5,000 a lot of miners will turn off their machines. Then its a game of supply and demand.

By the way I think I stole this joke from you before you wrote it :)


well shit it's actually going up atm
i wonder if that's the case by the time you read this msg


Wow. It went more than I could have ever guess. You know I was hoping to come in at like 80 cents per SBD. That might never happen. Guess I'll be a minnow a long time.

Reminds me of my retirement safety net that I'm looking forward to


ahh self managed retirement fund in crypto eh?


I just hope I remember to power down my account before my body powers down.

There is always more depth when you try to buy the dip.


guess that'll be a red colored dip there


noooo, not that dip

To dip or not to dip? That is the question! This looks like something they do in my part of the world when deer hunting season is in session.

What is this redneck madness!?

you are a real funny man. ha ha ha...

Lol, btc can make sure you buy at right dip.. :)

If we go lower, I buy more. Would you rather buy at the top? That would be insane. Many people did. Many people took loans to buy at the top and they are selling now. Crypto market needs to get rid of them and than it starts building a new solid base. From that point, crypto starts new uptrend again.
I believe whoever is in your gif had eventually stand up, perhaps with few broken bones. At the end all wounds will heal and he will be just fine, just like we and crypto will.
This is why I’m not worried about those dips.


Sir, I liked your comment, like really, we do need to get rid off of those people

Oh man, I can't stop watching!! Ouch!!!

When i find crypto to buy. But it's not available.

When i found cryptos to buy but cryptos is the dip.... LOL

When cryptos is available to sell. it's call crypto dance

It was really right! fully funny heheeh

hahah you just bought it lol and it went more down

Lol, this will always happen, most importantly, correctly calculate the deposit, hahaha

traf, human nature always hopes to get everything and immediately, LoL

When you bought Dip and persuaded more of your friends, promising that soon everything will change. Just do not specify in which direction :)

It's nothing to worry about, it was like that a thousand times.

How, amazing funny...
I really liked it crypto

it's starting to climb again, so it's good a suppose