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RE: Funny prison stories pt. 2 / Drinking with a neo-nazi / Almost going to jail while in prison / Race, Lets talk about it...

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goin in on new yrs eve!!! Thats gotta be the worst and best party ever!! haha!!! man that sounds like a crazy place!!! Bet shit gets propa tense, I go crazy if I cant get away from people once in a while. Do the inmates produce stuff, as in, does the prison make money? just wondering cos you said 'they wanted us to fuck up.' makes sense if it makes em money.


Yea it was crazy bro, saw so many fights my dude. Yes they make money of us becuz if you get a job which you will. You only get like 1.25 per hour and it could be a job like building stuff for the state which would normally pay 10 plus a hour...they pocket the rest of the money.

yeah people in prison = money for them!!

That's why the USA, aka the "land of the free" has more prisoners than every country combined....SMH...I haven't been in jail or prison for 7 years and i don't plan on going back. Prison is a business here, it's a part of the stock market!

Reminds me of the Prison Song from System of A Down:)

LOL, i used to listen to System of A Down

Yo i e-mail'd you some stems for my single for my "Dessert Ep"

YES YES!!!! I aint gonna lie to ya, I got a load to do and not enough time!!! But this is fuckin awesome man!!