Preparing for the Date...

in funny •  6 months ago

A little bit here brushing & a little bit there brushing. The neck & the teeth & the back please. I have to be prepared for the date...

Gif Source: Tenor

Conclusion: To be Clean is highest priority...


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Wow a date....... 😂 Well coming back to the extract to be clean....... Nothing is as closeer to God aside this...... I guess the hair also needs to be clean while removing the shower cap 😂


Yes, the hear also...



Funny Gorgeous GIF. And this from me ))



La limpieza cuan importante en todo momento. Pero esta perrita es una dulzura. Yo quiero una así jajaja



Hola tatjanastan, ese vídeo está bien cómico. Bueno si ese gato lo disfruta tanto como se ve, a pesar de que a los gatos no les gusta ni siquiera pisar el agua, que quedará para nosotros los humanos. Ciertamente debe ser una de nuestras prioridades.



Greetings @tatjanastan. hahaha ... that pet is tender. Being clean is a personal need, more than satisfying others. Both personal hygiene and the cleanliness of the places where we cohabit are important to maintain health and prevent diseases. We must not forget that the body is our temple.



Will he be arranging for some appointment, some commitment? Smelling well is paramount.



Yeah yoi really need a good bath to look nice and to impress your partner 😀😀


Yes, this is highly important...

Wow it’s beautiful little catiiii...!



😊😊😊😊😊😊wow Hey, I'm laughing loudly, I can not stop laughing.@yatjanastan