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One thing about being in the public eye is that it forces you to develop a thick skin very quickly. We get our fair share of mean comments and that's accentuated by the fact that we're not afraid to cover controversial topics. Of course, not a single mean comment has come from Steem. No surprise there.

In today's video, we react and respond to a few of the downright mean comments we've received. People can be vile, especially online. We've learned to take their comments with a grain of salt and a few shots of tequila. Hope you enjoy :)

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hello friends, it's a pleasure for me to comment, I saw them a few days ago in a video where they made a game of words, and I'm very interested, because I speak Spanish and I'm learning English. I say the opposite of you, I hope that in Mexico they have already learned a lot that was great, because now I see this video and I congratulate you also that they make an incredible couple are in line with what they do full of humor, and with respect to today's topic, many people discriminate when we are in strange countries, but this is the life we ​​will not get to be gold coins for all, the important thing is to go ahead and smile even from the bad .. a pleasure to Jordan and mary, greetings from venezuela. @ wenydth16

Thanks for your wonderful comment. We've had a lot of people tell us that they're learning English by watching our videos. We provide subtitles for all of our videos to help you out if you're also trying to use our videos to learn the language.

We really appreciate you watching and commenting. Thank You!!!

Tt is a pleasure for me, that you answer me, have a nice day my friends, Well, I know some English , the wrinting and grammar, but not speaking very well for the lack of practice here in venezuela, you know my native languague is spanish , I think that the best way to learn some lenguague is to be to a country who speak it, in orden to practice a lot, if you go to the supermarket you must speak it because you need it,that is, you are forced to speak it..so you must practice the spanish in mexico. I am going to follow you because I enjoy and learn the way you have your live.. a lot of luck.... kisses..!

Flagged for not linking back to anything Steem related in your Youtube description.

Sorry if you did in your video, (didn't watch all of it)

I think we're the last ones who should be flagged for not promoting Steem.

  • We send 1,000s of unique visitors to Steemit every week. We send more non-steemians to Steemit than just about anyone else.
  • From our @tangerinetravels, @shenanigator, and @sharingeverybite accounts, we're delegating 30,000 SP free of charge to projects/people who are doing a lot to grow Steem. (@STACH to grow the Nigerian community and @kachinhenry to grow the myanmar community)
  • One of the major reasons that we're growing our YouTube channel is so we can promote Steem. We've grown it from 0 to over 4,300 subscribers in a few months and are currently growing at a rate of over 100 subscribers per day.
  • 2 weeks ago we produced a video promoting Steem that has so far been seen by 4,400 people, most non-steemians. 55% of our audience lives in Mexico, a country which has very little presence on Steem, and could benefit greatly from it.
  • We often wear Steemit gear in our videos.
  • A lot of people are curious about how a young couple can afford to travel, which makes a perfect segue into telling them about Steem.
  • We spend quite a few hours each day working on another Steem project.
  • Visit our YouTube profile, and you'll see that we have a prominent link to Steemit in our banner as well as one in the description of our profile. https://www.youtube.com/c/tangerinetravels

I think we're the last ones who should be flagged for not promoting Steem.

The flag wasn't related to your previous promotion or not of Steem.

I thought you were flagging because we weren't promoting Steem in our YouTube description.

But I was mistaken, as I found out in private messaging with you, you wanted that in the description because that's how you determine whether or not someone else's content is being used. That's understandable.

We do have links to our Steemit page on our YouTube profile page to prove that it's our channel.

I thought you were flagging because we weren't promoting Steem in our YouTube description.

You're not mistaken.

For about 800USD in reward it seems like could could slide this in between all of the amazon referral and stuff.

Putting something in the YouTube description is practically worthless for promotion. It only does any good if you’re putting it there AND talking about it in the video.

We had an Airbnb link there for a few months and not a single person had signed up. The day we mentioned it in a video, 15 people signed up.

It was pretty much the same thing with Amazon.

Almost nobody reads the description unless we tell them to. The only reasons we write all of that stuff in there is for YouTube's and Google's eyes. It ranks our videos higher, gets them shown to more people, and ultimately will give us a huge stage to promote Steem.

We’re doing so much to promote Steem. Having a link there is meaningless compared to what we’re already doing.

If it's so meaningless maybe you should consider either improve your description by removing the useless stuff or not dropping your content on the front-page if you can't respond to criticism in a constructive manner.

If I were new to Steem and the first thing I saw after hearing about it was the trending page of Steemit, I'd be like "Nah, this isn't for me." The front page needs the variety if we want mass adoption.

As long as promo bots are a thing, we need more excellent content creators pushing their stuff to the top. What we don't need more of is crypto-related stuff, garbage technical analysis, and infighting.

I feel like I responded to your criticisms in a very reasonable matter. I gave my point of view, gave a couple examples of my experience, and did it without getting mad or calling anyone names.

I don't agree with you on this point. But feel I disagreed with you in a respectable way.

@transisto That's a shame.

Really comments

Haha .. Funny!
I liked your style
Wonderful work .. for more creativity..

Bless God Some people are really stupid, they are not concerned about your success. It's just poor.
Keep it up. You're all right. Good job. This is a fun one. But the numbers are not false. Good work gringos

Thanks so much, we really appreciate that. Glad you enjoyed the video :)

haha the stinky gringo's haha. thats the best. Go and have a shower. God bless. Some people are really stupid an they do not begrudge you your success. That's just poor.
Keep it up. You did everything right. Good work

It's a good thing we found that out at the very beginning. Otherwise, we may have done the entire video without realizing how stinky we were ;)

Hahaha, perfect reply :-D
We could even smell it online - and are glad you fixed the issues now - lol


Hahaha, potatoes gonna potate. Love it! Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for watching :)

That's the thing with the worldwide web, you are publicly exposed to both people who will love you, and people who will hate you. I'm sorry on behalf of the Mexicans who are trying to expel you from the country. Wherever you go, you will experience this kind of rejections to different degrees. I have definitely experience it in the USA and I know it is not pretty. I am convinced that people who hate on others just for being different do so because of lack of exposure to different experiences and cultures. That being said, you are doing something about it by exposing yourselves to different scenarios, and they are not. Keep up what you are doing. These people will come and go.

We probably get more than 100 great, welcoming comments for every 1 negative comment, so it's really no big deal. We've learned to not let it bother us and just laugh at it. The vast majority of our audience are amazing people who remind us exactly why we're doing this. Thanks for everything!

Lmao, u read the caps lock message in CAPS LOCK.. 😂😂😂

We're just talking how they're typing Lol

ROTFL! "green-go-back-home"? really?! That was savage I must say! You guys really have tough skins, how could you stomach all those bile without developing diarrhea? lol

Hahaha, we had some trouble stomaching them in the beginning but we've been forced to learn to not take the comments too seriously. Trolls will be trolls.

yea yea. Ugly trolls with stones in their hearts. LMAO. But at the end of the day, their comments will make the show even more interesting!

Don't worry about them @TangerineTravels !
Some people suck. We all know that.

Just do your best with your videos, that's all.
Good luck !

We've learned to not let these comments bother us. Instead, we attempted to make an entertaining video. Whether we were successful at that, well, the jury's still out.

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