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Hi Steemit friends,
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Hope everyone is having a great weekend, and if still have a chance to make it into a great one. Today I'd like to share some easy quick and basic tips on how to NOT get a persons attention.

#1 Don't whistle at the person you want to attract. lol That's usually used for animal calling.

#2 Don't call them by the color or item they are wearing or carrying. lol

#3 Don't give them the creepy stare down. lol

#4 Don't send your friend for a message lol

#5 All you have to do is go over to the person and introduce yourself. Simple. lol.

I'm sure I've missed a lot more 'NO's feel free to share them below. Follow for more 🤗and up vote.
Make sure to check my previous post by clicking the link below❣️

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Good advice. Probably fall on deaf ears though. Who whistles at women? (Plz do not answer, I want to keep my faith in humanity!) I am long and (mostly)happily married, because of the not whistling maybe?

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