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Hi Steemit friends,
@splendorhub Sherman Garden Library.PNG@splendorhub sherman g 1.jpgThe Sherman Library and Garden is located in Corona del Mar, California. The property was initially was bought by Arnold D. Haskell in 1895.The garden began in 1955, Mr Haskell decide to name the botanical garden after his mentor and benefactor, M. H. Sherman.@splendorhub sherman g 2.jpg Everyone meet Mr Haskell, he was also the creator of the famous Hollywood sign! 💫
One of the first thing you notice as you walk in is the blown glass art. @splendorhub sherman g 4.jpg
This is so beautiful.
@splendorhub sherman g7.jpg
The garden area was full of beautiful green colors❣️
@splendorhub sherman g 5.jpg
They also had a beautiful green house...with gorgeous glass art❣️
@splendorhub sherman g 9.jpg
What do you think of this......
@splendorhub sherman g 8.jpg
and this...
@splendorhub sherman g 10.jpg
Every walk way was beautiful.
@splendorhub sherman g 11.jpg
And benches everywhere to enjoy and the scenery❣️
@splendorhub sherman g 12.jpg
Found myself a good hiding place too! lol
@splendorhub sherman g 15.jpg
This place had it all. If you happened to get hungry, they had a lovely place to grab a bite. Or sit and have some coffee. @splendorhub sherman g 13.jpg
Great place for photography ❣️❣️
@splendorhub sherman g 16.jpg
I really loved this place and I will be going back again...
@splendorhub sherman g 14.jpg
The library part was small and cozy. Not many changes have been made since inception.
@splendorhub sherman g 17.jpg
Below is a link of a short video I made ...with the The Cactus and Succulent Garden (which I didn't not photograph).
__________________________Link _________- Having DTube
Let all you do be done in love, @splendorhub beso.jpg
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@splendorhub The picture where you are HIDING reminded me about the character on the Addams Family TV Show.....Do You Remember Cousin ITT ??

hahaha...of course I remember it, I played that part. lol

indah sekali

:) Best wishes!

Looks like a wonderful place! yellow_heart.jpg The glass sculptures remind me of the work of Dale Chihuly, a fantastic artist in glass!

This place is wonderful! Thank you for your comment ❣️

This post its very fantastic

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