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Its widely known that the don is a big fan of scalp reduction surgery.

That is where they get the sides of the scalp and stretch it up to cover the massive bald patch on top. Sort of like putting a rug over the stain on your carpet from where your dog got diarrhea and let rip right in the middle of the lounge.

What is not so well known is the technique of scalp transferal surgery, where they get the hairy bit on the back of the head and transplant to the top.

Sort of like when they suck all the fat from a woman's stomach and inject it back into her arse to make it look like she's packing serious booty like Kim Kardashian

Unfortunately if you are climbing the stairs to a plane and there is a big wind gust, everyone can see that under the worlds worst comb over is a bald back of head...

And that looks damn creepy. Not as creepy as the time killary klinton was climbing the stairs to a plane when she got diarrhea and let rip right in the middle of her white pantsuit - but in the same ballpark.

Chump's ex wife Ivana once claimed that unable to cope with the pain from all his scalp surgeries, which he's been having since the 80's, he once wigged out and beat her.

Not surprisingly, the chumpster is taking things to a new level these days. He is a pioneer. Inter-species scalp transferal surgery is where you transfer the hairy part from an animals coat and put that over the bald spot. He has begun raiding the lush coats of orangutans.

The results are so realistic that nobody in America has noticed - on the contrary they are saying that he is the first real president in decades.

I realise that I now have a reputation for being a deep state sock puppet spreading pro-American propaganda beneath a vale of being a drug taking anti-semite, and this post may just be seen by some as a last ditch desperate attempt to appear anti-establishment.

Yes, this post may look like utter bollocks that I just made up, and I may eventually have to swap to one of my other Steemit identities because this one is falling apart at the seams, but first I'll have one last crack at appearing to believe that President Donald Trump is not America's savior, and I just hope that people will again see me as a wild conspiracy theorist out to expose Americas dirty secrets.

Duality is the name of the game.


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Oh that's the reason

You may have fallen into something by accident here. Why not interspecie ass transplant. Chicks could get one of those big swollen orangutan asses.

Do you think chump may be part orangutan?

could be a space chimp or a chimp/ ginger hybrid even

Well, now you've just reminded me how I had to have all the carpet in my house removed last week thanks to one of my cats. She has an autoimmune disorder, and her medication was making her go everywhere, not just the litter boxes. I haven't replaced the carpet with any new flooring yet....right now, it's still the circa-1950's tile that was underneath. Eventually, I want hardwood or wood laminate. No more carpet. (Well, maybe a Trump!)

Between the money to diagnose her, the money to treat her, and now her ruining my floors, that is one expensive kitty. She's lucky I love her.

Damn that totally sucks...

Oh yeah. And the day after the carpets were removed from her soiling them in all kinds of horrible ways, she started vomiting all over the tile. All side effects of her medication, but still....geez, Abbie (that's her name), give it a day before you start making another mess.

At least tile is easier to clean than carpet.

Kim Kardashian stomach is behind hahahah you made my day lol


Oh come on, I got the same big butt and men like it. Berlusconi has done scalp transferral hair for ages. Dear Donald loves people talking about this stuff as weapon of mass distraction.

You have the same butt as kim or don?

please share pics if kim but not don :)

I do it, but I am not going to post it at the moment.

Hold out !!!!!

Trump The Chump small.jpg


Lolz the explanation has never been so fun ;)

Liked the way described of the golden buddy of USA ;)

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I'm not sure who's buddy he is, but not the USA's I suspect!

Don't know where you are going in this post? Criticizing and finding fault in an imperfect world is easy. Donald is the best attempt of a president in my lifetime. If he does nothing at all he has exposed to those who care to see the vast bureaucracy, corruption and lies we are spoon fed everyday. Peace

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Well I guess he is if you live in israel.

Otherwise the fact that he is a leading puppet in inter nation wealth transferal surgery might be an issue...

he is following the duality of the nature lol

he is pioneering the art in a cool way ; )

that's how he will make america great again : )

his hairs are more precious than he himself lolz

Hahaha so funny lol.great funny memes in comment section also enjoyed a lot.keep sharing these.

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So would I but that is like choosing between eating dog shit or cat shit. I'd rather not, and even that cow looks better...

lovely post...........

thank you for sharing friends.@sifft666

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Verry nice. Upvote please

NO! - have you tried using a kitten?

hehehhe very funny president

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This great funny.
I love fun.. thanks for sharing

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The best way to cover up a bald spot

Ha ha , this is very funny writing about Trump.I got the pleasure to read this.Thank you.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Amazing post.
Thanks for sharing this post..
Best of luck

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I don't think I'd buy a car off any of them

To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:

Outlook not so good

Hi! I'm a bot, and this answer was posted automatically. Check this post out for more information.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I still find it works OK - better than gooble...