Is My Brain Showing? Part 2

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As you may remember, when we left our hero, he was signing some waivers saying that he refused ambulatory care because there was no fucking way he was going to spend the weekend in Youngstown.

(How I picture a weekend in Youngstown)

Actually it was Hubbard, but who ever heard of Hubbard, Ohio, except people from near Hubbard, Ohio.

Anyhow, it didn't have anything to do with the town, as a long-haul trucker I didn't get paid if the wheels aren't turning. Also, there was the newly acquired head wound that I needed to get stitched up, but as any Canadian can tell you, you don't go to a hospital in the US if you don't have health insurance.

So my dilemma was that I had to get the load secured and back to Canada, where I wouldn't have to pay to go to emergency. I figured that St. Catherines would be easier to get to with the truck than Niagara Falls, so this was my plan.


The warehouse guy came out and helped me chain down the rest of the load and I whipped over to the truck stop to weigh my axles.

They were out by a bit.

So I had to go back and get the load shifted ahead. By the time I got back to the truck stop, it was late afternoon and my head was pounding pretty bad. I also had to change my dressing and I was feeling really tired, so I thought I might grab a nap before heading north.

(I thought they just left their dead and wounded.)

I should back up a bit and mention that throughout this time I was in contact with my boss who was urging me to go to the hospital and use his credit card. While I was screwing around he sent another driver that was passing through near me to stop in and see how bad I was.

He showed up in the truck stop washroom while I was trying to change my bandages.

(It wasn't this bloody, but close)

He said that Rudy was worried about me and asked if I needed help with the dressing. I said that I would really appreciate that as it is hard to work in the mirror.

He said that Rudy thought he could take me to the hospital and that he understood why after seeing my head. I guess the flap had crusted up pretty badly. He had the credit card and had already unhooked his trailer, so off we went to the hospital.

(It wasn't quite this dramatic.)

When we got there we had to cross a picket line because the hospital was on strike. I wasn't too worried about it until I saw the sign that said something about scab labor and my wound festering or something like that. Thanks, that's fucking helpful.

When we got inside there was a lady doing the admitting, a pretty nurse, and a doctor from England. I guess they were the scabs. Oh well, lucky for me they were there.

(I sure do love

When the doctor saw me, he was a little perturbed that I had waited ten hours to come in. I guess there was a bit of rust or dirt still in there and he had to cut away some of the edges that were no good, but he got it stitched up. While he was stitching me up he asked where I was from.

I told him and he stopped what he was doing and asked me what the hell was with people in Canada. I said I didn't know what he meant and he explained that since he had been there he had met three Canadians before me. One was the nurse, one was an elderly man that had been in a car accident and broke his leg and just wanted a splint put on it. Then there was a teenaged boy that was in a hockey tournament that had his eye socket fractured in the game that just wanted to get back to the arena for the last game. He said, "What do you guys think, you're made of steel or something?"

(Come on, these pictures are cute.)

I said, "No, what we're not made of is money, and if we can make it four more hours we won't be spending thousands of dollars here."

He said that he thought I did this at work and when I replied that I had, he told me that it was all covered by worker's compensation. I asked how much it would have cost and he figured about US$1200. Just to keep this face pretty.

(Like how I used red to give it that real wound look?)

All in all, it was an above average run. Oddly not the worst one I had ever been on, but definitely not the best. The way I look at it is that I saved the company $1200 by getting hurt on the job and I didn't even get a raise.

P.S. While I was looking around I found this at


If he's going to MAGA, he should get the fuck to work.


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Thanks @newbieresteemday I appreciate your efforts.

Love this whole story. Sorry it happened, but perhaps it caused that thing in you head that has made you "slightly off" and as funny as you are. :-) (That is meant as a compliment, really!)

Look forward to many more stories, hopefully without bodily harm for the most part.

Hey, happy to see you hear!

Thank you for noticing my slightly off-ness, and yes there are lots of stories, but the way my brain is triggered is by memories, so this story was a reminder of the story with my other trip to an American hospital.

Don't worry though, I live.

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Hey, happy to see part 2 out! Also happy to see it got curied! (They’re the ones giving you the big payday). Thanks for another laugh and again sorry at your expense. Scar isn’t that bad. Girls love the bad boy image.

Let’s call @smylie2005 over! After all, she was the one that brought you to our attention.

Thanks, I still don't understand how over 300 people upvoted the post, but only 37 read it. I guess that must be the bots everyone keeps talking about.

Oh well, I guess it's all good. I sure got a boost of excitement thinking that many people read my story.

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Oh cool. I am going to look into that. I can only vote 100% right now, but I might just check out the posts I like and manually vote them.

As for the curie thing, am I not supposed to write posts so often? I just figured other people would maybe see them too.

Of course write them! We would love to read anything you write. I just don’t want you to feel discouraged if one post gets a big upvote like this one and the next has small upvotes.

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Manually voting is great too. I do both. 🙂

Oh right on, then I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the help.

Hah! You did the hard work! You deserve it bud! Keep on writing the good! ;)

Fucking Canadians!! LOL
You really are hilarious! Cant wait to read more of your brutal life stories! ;) If I didnt live in Texas and would probably die trying to make it there, I would drive to Canada too for a broken skull... and I have insurance!
That last sentence though... 100%!!

Oh, I have lots of life stories, but this wasn't one of the brutal ones. It actually took a bit to remember it. I'm sure I'm repressing a lot of them because of real trauma, but there are a few that I can pull up.

I was going to share a few that I published years ago, so I may do that and just put a disclaimer at the top so that people don't get upset when @cheetah bot shows up.

That damn cheetah! Do it, I would love to read more! Gotta laugh to keep from crying right?!

Yeah, you have to do something. I know from experience that people get uncomfortable when guys just start bawling out of nowhere.

Hi there @profanereviews, someone how I missed your first instalment and will have to go back and read it! I love this for all of the obvious reasons, like it's so well written, it's funny, and it's so damn true; but I also love it because I'm not only Canadian, and from Ontario, but my husband, @briancourteau, is from St. Catherine's and used to be a long haul trucker. He would have done the same and maybe never have seen a doctor haha


Oh, and I'm part of @newbieresteemday, so I don't know how we've missed each trucks passing in the night;)


Thank you very much, and it's nice to have someone back me up here. I find that a lot of people think I'm exaggerating when I tell this story. Like the one where I got hives at a weigh station in North Dakota. I really couldn't make this shit up.

I just joined #newbieresteemday and now they're kicking me out, but I plan on lurking for a bit.

hahaha that's hilarious!! You're right, you can't make that shit up, but I know it's all 100% true!!

Well instead of getting kicked out of the @newbieresteemday nest, you should sign on as another big cheese and help out some other little cheese-ettes...ya ya, I know I made that one up...but the concept is legit :)

I don't know what that entails, but I joined the trail. It seems like it's working.

Joining the trail is a great idea. For now, just keep your eyes peeled for new folks who need help and tell them what you know. Spread the word of how awesome @newbieresteemday is ;)

Part one is hilarious!

Thanks for the tip @beeyou ..I'm going to check it out!!